Category: Health and Safety - Pregnancy Wellbeing

And the winners are...

  • Emma-Jane’s Support Belt offers relief for sufferers of backache or SPD during pregnancy by removing pressure on the abdomen and back as it helps supports the weight of your bump.

  • Spatone Apple is a natural liquid iron supplement

  • The L-Shaped Pillow is specifically designed to alleviate aches & pains, helping you to sleep on your side, in addition to supporting your back while sitting to relieve back pressure.

  • With support in all the right places, the ultra-cosy U-Shaped Pillow relieves pressure, alleviates aches & pains and helps you sleep comfortably on your side, just as the doctor ordered.

  • The most comprehensive online pregnancy exercise/wellbeing programme available, with a new weekly Pilates video, access to leading experts - midwife, breastfeeding, employment lawyer... - a forum and closed facebook group.

  • The holo is an inflatable airbed with a hole in the middle, developed for use in pregnancy to enable women to lie on their tummies. For use on land and water.

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