Category: Bedding - Swaddle

And the winners are...

  • Groswaddle is a shaped wrap that makes swaddling simple helping new parents settle their newborns to sleep more easily. Recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip healthy product.

  • Our 100% cotton muslin swaddle is breathable, soft and versatile. It’s used as pram-, nursing-, changing mat cover, burp cloth or tummy time blanket. The swaddle helps simplify parents’ lives.

  • Designed with leading safe sleep experts, the extra soft SwaddleMe with adjustable wings, recreates the snug comfort of the womb and helps prevent the startle reflex that can wake baby.

  • Modern twist on traditional swaddling with the ingenious Love To Swaddle UP Original all–in–one sleep suit. The Swaddle UP can be used from birth and has proven to help baby sleep better and for longer.

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