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Mumii – Bambooty Booby Days and Nights

Category: Breastfeeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Discrete enough to slip into your favourite bra Bambooty nursing pads are topped with luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton velour for sensitive skin and backed with breathable PUL for milk proofing! Available in 3 layers of bamboo absorbency called Booby Days or 4 layers called, Booby Nights. These are essential items to have ready during the latest stages of pregnancy, in your hospital bag - whether breast feeding or not! 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    The Bambooty nursing pads come in 'Days' and 'Nights' - depending on the absorbency required. The 'Day' pads have 3 layers of bamboo, whereas, the 'Night' pads have 4. The bamboo is wonderfully soft against your skin which a must for any newly breastfeeding mother. They have a silky back which although is lovely to touch and will stop milk from leaking through, we found that they did move a little and needed adjusting as the day went on. We found thickness is great for absorbency, but they are more obvious through clothing than some pads. They also have quite a large tag on the outer side which again may be visible. As they come in their own little bag, they are very easy and discreet to take out with you in your changing bag. These pads are so much nicer than the disposable ones which many Mums use - they are a good discovery for any breast feeding Mum in our opinion.

  • AK , Buckinghamshire

    The Bambooty Booby Days and Nights Nursing Pads are very comfortable to wear and have a soft feel to it. They wash very well and dry super quick. Whilst wearing them I did have to adjust them slightly ever so often. I do feel they could benefit from being slightly bigger in size. I liked the little pouch it came in which was very handy for storage.

  • Nicola , Somerset

    These nursing pads came in very handy, and were far superior to the disposables. They were very soft and were excellent at soaking up any leaks both day and night. The pack came with enough pads to be using and washing without running out. The pads themselves washed and retained there shape really well. The only downsides for me (which didn't put me off) were they stick to your nipples and you get covered in fluff, and you can see the outline through your clothes. Both of which are easy to manage.

  • Helen , Devon

    Very comfortable nursing pads. Soft absorbent bamboo for comfort and a waterproof inner layer for reliable protection. Although there are three layers for the booby days and four for the booby nights they still felt breathable. My only little niggle was the brilliant whiteness and tag which showed through a non padded nursing bra and white top.