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Mumii – Close Pop-in Breast Pads

Category: Breastfeeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Shaped to fit the breast’s natural contours, our breast pads improve the fit and reduce visible lines. Our ‘seal to skin’ binding keeps the pad in place to reduce any leaking, even with a full pad. Incredibly slim, it is made up of three layers; next to the breast, fast-wicking polyester to remove wetness from the skin, inside, an absorbent core of soya bean fabric, well known for its natural absorbency, softness and thermo-regulating properties and lastly there is a full layer of waterproof laminate. The pads come in their own mesh laundry bag with six pads in a pack. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    The Close Pop-in Breast Pads are shaped to fit the breast well and make sure that there is no slipping or leaks. The pad is made from 3 layers - polyster to keep the wetness away from your skin, which is mesh type to help with the air flow, the next layer is soya bean to absorb any milk, and then finally a waterproof laminate to keep everything in. They are very thin so shouldn't show much through your underwear and clothing, though they do have a little label on the outside which you may be able to see. We love the included mesh laundry bag that the pads come included - easy to keep them clean without losing any in the wash!

  • Ak , Bickinghamshire

    The Close Pop in Breast Pads are very reasonably priced and come in a great little mesh laundry bag to store and/or wash them in. I did like how they shaped around my breast and did like the lightness of the Pads. They didn't slide around thanks to the seal to skin binding on the back but I did wake up twice with leaked pads so for me they worked better throughout the day. Unfortunately they are not very t-shirt friendly and I could see the shape through my fabric which is a bit of a shame.

  • Nicola , Somerset

    Out of the two types of pads I tried on initial view and reading about them I expected these to be the best. However although they were great at drawing away the leaking milk, I found they didn't fit as snuggly to the breast as said, and tended to ruffle up inside my top. That said, the material was very soft, posed no irritation and didn't stick to the nipple like the others. They did wash well, although had a tendency to collect fluff on one side. I also struggled to get them to lie flat after breast feeding when using one hand, but with two it was easier.

  • Helen , Devon

    The shape of these pads are just brilliant. Can easily wear these pads with a nursing bra and a white top without being noticable. They were soft against my skin and provided excellent reliability. Easy to wash an dried quickly. Would happily buy more.