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Mumii – Gumigem Necklace and Bangle Set

Category: Teething Jewellery

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Miller heart Pendants look cool and funky but are easy for little hands to hold. A contemporary heart pendant approx two inches long and wide, but easy for little fingers to grab onto! Its quite chunky! On a super soft silk cord too.

Height approx 6 cm
Width 5.8cm at widest point
Thickness 2 cm at thickest point
Long cord 94cm easily cut to a desired length

Bubba Bangle - A classic shaped bangle, great for independant chomping and getting to those pesky molars!

Internal diameter - 65mm
External diameter - 83mm
Thickness - 16mm at thickest point
BPA, lead, latex, phthalate free silicone jewellery.

Gumigem necklace - children & babies must only interact with necklace when worn by an adult due to long cord - strangulation risk This is not a toy.

Bangles - suitable as unsuperivised teething toys from birth and carry the CE Mark. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    The Gumigem teething jewellery set is made from a BPA-free, non-toxic silicone and is available in a wide range of colours and designs. The necklace is attached to a soft black cord which may not be to everyone's taste, but it really is lovely and comfortable to wear - the breakaway clasp is a safety feature which saves baby from pulling too strongly on your neck. The bracelet is just the right size and matches the necklace perfectly giving Mum a set she can wear with pride whilst also providing her little one with teething relief. The quality of this set is excellent and the variety of colours it's available in means there really is something to suit everyone.

  • Emma , Worcester

    I found the pattern to not be my style but was pleased to see that they sell plenty of other options so I looked past this and at the actual product. Both necklace & bracelet went down well with my teething children. I like how the heart is of different thickness so it can grow with my baby's mouth. Totally not part of the testing process but my naughty dog got hold of the bangle and tried to chew it. I later found it hadn't even been marked despite him giving it a good going over. That for me had me giving huge thumbs up and I've even bought a replacement one.

  • Amanda , Hampshire

    I like the silver effect, nice and light to wear my little one loves these, easy to keep clean and packaging is small enough to carry around in your bag for when not using.

  • Catherine , Tyne and Wear

    I quite liked the bracelet but found the necklace impractical and aesthetically, not very attractive. My son was happy to chew on it, but I found he pulled the cord and it pulled quite tightly on my neck bfore coming apart. The bracelet was much better. It looks fine to wear and my son loved chewing it and putting it on and taking it off his own arm. Both wash well, with no grooves or holes to collect dirt or germs