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Mumii – MamaMoosh Milkscarf

Category: Breastfeeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The Milkscarf is a beautifully soft and very light jersey breastfeeding cover that can also be worn as a regular scarf. With a flexible boned neckline that lifts the fabric slightly away from your chest, it enables you to look down and maintain eye contact with your baby as he feeds. This also allows air to circulate down to the baby preventing stuffiness. The Milkscarf has been designed to be so easy and quick to put on you can do it one handed even while holding your baby as there are no knots to tie or anything to adjust - simply put the neck loop over your head and that's it! Once you've finished using it as a breastfeeding cover you can wear it as a regular scarf which has the added bonus of not taking up any room in your bag. Available in ten plain colours (we don't use patterns that could distract a baby from feeding or draw attention) the Milkscarf is also generously sized to easily cover an older, wriggly baby or even twins. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    By just slipping the strap over your head, it is easy to get the MamaMoosh Milkscarf on. It is available in some beautiful deep block colours and gives you plenty of coverage to keep you and baby hidden. The fabric is a soft and almost fluid-like jersey with the neck having support in it to allow eye contact between you and baby - also makes it easier to make sure they have latched on correctly. When not in use as a breastfeeding cover, you can tie the Milkscarf around your neck as an ordinary scarf. We love this secondary feature! As the material is light, it folds very small and easily fits in to your changing bag.

  • AK , Buckinghamshire

    I absolutely loved using the MamaMoosh Milk Scarf. My little Girl just turned 6 months and is more than interested in every sound, and needs to see everything around her. The nursing scarf allowed me to feed discreetly and also cover her so she won't be as much distracted whilst I feed her. The material washed really well and dried quickly and it's a nice jersey material. I felt as though its not as lightweight as my previous nursing covers. A massive plus is that I don't have to fold it and can put it straight in the bag when not in use and it does not crease at all! The flexible boned neckline is just the right size to be able to make eye contact with your baby and its easy to just pop it over your head. I love the fact that it is very large which makes it great for nursing twins or even an older baby/toddler. At first glance you might think that at just under £30 that is one expensive breastfeeding accessory but I think it is well worth the money considering it is not only a nursing cover, but you can also use it as scarf as well as an emergency blanket for your baby!

  • Nicola , Somerset

    I hadn't really thought about the whole breastfeeding outside the home experience, so was really looking forward to trying this scarf. It did not disappoint! Not only was it stylish, light and very practical, it doubled up as a sunshade on the buggy. I felt very comfortable using the scarf which had a loop to go over your head and enough fabric to cover your modesty without so much as a peek. It was very easy to move my little one underneath safely and he had no grumbles.

  • Helen , Devon

    The milkscarf provides excellent cover to feed your baby in any situation. It is easy to use and made from a very soft, light fabric. I was able to have eye contact with my baby and it provided a useful cover whilst our and about in the sun. A versatile product that can also be used as a scarf, i could only do this once as we have had such a lovely warm summer but I could see this would be really useful in the winter, not only a nice cosy scarf but protecting baby and you from possible draughts.