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Mumii – Minene Nursing Shawl

Category: Breastfeeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Minene's beautiful lightweight, cotton, nursing shawl allows Mum and baby to feed baby in total privacy, without baby overheating in the warmer months. It features a roomy, reinforced, neckline ensuring Mum and baby can see each other during this precious time. The cotton shawl also ensures that baby is focused on feeding, instead of the stimulus around them, especially when out and about in a busy public area.

The shawl comes packaged in its own matching fabric pouch and is lightweight and compact- perfect for mums on the move. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    The Minene Nursing Shawl come in its own bag in the same matching patterns, making it compact to fit in your changing bag. There are some lovely patterns available. The hooped neck allows eye-to-eye contact while feeding, making sure that baby is focused on you, and not distracted by other goings on. It is adjustable via a neck tie with rings so will fit any size. There is also an extra ring on each side so that you can place the included clip on where you last fed to help reimind you. The fabric is very light so that baby can still breathe and won't get too warm if feeding for longer periods. The apron style offers plenty of room to keep you completely covered and we love the little pocket on the outside - handy to keep your breast pads in!

  • Ak , Buckinghamshire

    The Minene Nursing Shawl is made out of a very lightweight cotton material which makes it perfect for nursing in the summer. It does have a reinforced neckline which is a little bit small in my opinion. There is a little clip which comes with the Shawl which Mums can clip onto the side they are nursing next a handy little reminder although the clip design wasn't for my taste. Overall I personally felt that the Shawl wasn't big enough to cover an older baby. The Shawl does come in a handy little matching pouch and due to it being so lightweight it's folded down very nice and neatly and won't take up a lot of room in your bag.

  • Nicola , Somerset

    The scarf was very good quality but designed in the shape of an apron which was unusual. It wasn't as easy to put on unless you tied it in advance or without holding the baby, but I found it didn't offer as much coverage as the other I had tried. I didn't feel confident using it in the local cafe as the material was very light, slightly see-through and I didn't feel secure. On the plus side the light weight fabric did allow more air to flow around as my baby was feeding so he didn't get too hot. It may have been better in a different choice of fabric and pattern. I also found being short that the length swamped me. It did double up as a lightweight swaddle for my little one to keep him out of the sun on hot days.

  • Helen , Devon

    Very pretty patterned fabric. Also nice and light so not too hot in the summer. Provided a lovely cocoon for baby to feed without disturbance. I was able to see her and vice versa. Shawl came with a lovely little bag which could easily fit into your handbag or changing bag. It also came with a heart shaped clip which could be used as a reminder as to which side was last used! I loved the fabric and it was easy to take anywhere with me. I really loved the little clip too as a reminder, baby brain with baby number three has really kicked in!