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Mumii – Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Pillows

Category: Breastfeeding Accessories

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Thrupenny Bits have created a stylish and highly portable crescent-shaped breastfeeding pillow. There’s an outer bag with an inner crescent shaped pillow made from high grade hollow fibre. With a strap that ties at the top, it can be carried over your shoulder like a bag, or hung over the handles of a pram. Made from indulgent and contemporary fabrics it looks more like a fashionable bag than a cumbersome breastfeeding device. It also has the unique advantage of actually converting to a toddler bag when done breastfeeding. Not only extremely useful for breastfeeding mothers it would also benefit those who’ve undergone a c section and are having difficulty simply holding their new baby whilst seated and works really well as a support for baby as he or she starts to learn to sit upright.

To use at home or otherwise tie the straps around your waist at the back (to prevent the cushion slipping) and then whilst seated place baby on top of the cushion facing you. The hollow fibre moulds to the shape of your baby raising him/her up and giving support. The crescent shape of the cushion hugs around the waist (hiding your exposed tummy) and enables baby to curl around you in a position conducive for breastfeeding. This will free up at least one arm with which to carry on eating your lunch, drink your decaf latte or text from your mobile!

When you and your baby have decided to stop breastfeeding for good, you can simply take out the inner sack and viola, you have a lovely bag to carry all your baby paraphernalia around in, until the next one comes along, in which case re-insert the inner pillow and away you go! 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    Another versatile product, the Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding pillow can be used as a feeding pillow and then when no longer needed, you can remove the cushioning from inside and use it as a bag. The pillow is available in many different designs from their various ranges. The pillow is nice and firm and curls around the body to make feeding comfortable for you and baby. The straps can be tied at different lengths, making it easy to pop over your head to carry around if you don't have the room in your changing bag or under the pram. We love that the shape is also great for offering support to baby when they are learning to sit on their own!

  • AK , Buckinghamshire

    Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Pillow is certainly a versatile product which can be used for breastfeeding, support your baby sitting down or to use as a bag. It has a nice crescent shape to it and the hollofibre filling of the pillow allows the baby to mould into it and the ties are great to ensure the pillow won't slip away. This Breastfeeding Pillow makes a great travel pillow in the car or on holiday because it's not as bulky as many others out there on the market. Once you've finished breastfeeding you can take out the pillow and just use the cover as a stylish bag. My Toddler decided that it's also a great reading Pillow in his den under the bed!

  • Nicola , Somerset

    I was finding it hard to hold my little one for long periods of time without arm ache, so this pillow was a godsend. It had a very luxurious feel, very stylish, could double as a bag and came with a spare cover. The two straps could be tied around your back for extra security. My little one was held very snuggly to my chest when I was using it. The only downside for me was that I'm only 5 ft and the pillow was quite large on my torso as it was so padded. When I put my baby on it he was too high, it took a few times for it to mold in a bit. I think it would also be useful if it came with an extra insert which is at an angle. My baby suffered from reflux and I needed to feed him on a angle. All in all though I would recommend the pillow and buy one for pregnant friends.

  • Helen , Devon

    I wish I'd had this product straight after my c-section. How much easier it would have been to feed my baby. The pillow provided excellent support as well as being incredibly portable. I have been very impressed by how well made it is, with stylish fabrics on the outside and even on the inside. It was very easy to use and with baby happily on the pillow feeding I could easliy drink a cup of tea with my free hand. My baby has now grown so no longer needs it to feed but it is being used as a useful prop to help her new found talent of sitting up! After that it will be used as a fab new baby bag. A very well made a versatile product.