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Bennetts – Bennetts Baby Skincare

Category: Skincare - Baby

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2015 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The full range includes baby bum crème - easy to rub in, preventing as well as healing nappy rash, the nipple cream - allowing you to breast feed without the need to wash off, aqueous cream – absorbs quickly and suitable for moisturizing all over, bath drops – keeping the skin silky smooth, and the one of a kind bum buddy traveller – perfect for mums and dad’s on the move.

Bennetts for Babies is the best-selling baby care product in South Africa, keeping baby happy and healthy. The range, distributed by Hampton Brands in the UK, is currently available to buy in independent pharmacists, online through Amazon and is widely stocked at 500 branches of Morrisons across the country.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Kellie , Shropshire

    I have really enjoyed testing the Bennetts range. Not only does my baby's skin smell and feel lovely but so do my hands and skin as I've also been using it on myself. The flannel I was sent to review was lovely and soft. Hasn't shrunk like most do when tumble dried. The baby bum crème has worked a treat on my little man's bum and his slight nappy rash healed after only one night being plastered in the cream in the evening. I have been using the Bennetts baby aqueous cream on my 3 year old as she has dry skin. I have found the product has helped keep her skin soft, smooth and flake free while we have been using this product. Alongside the aqueous cream I have been using the Bennetts aqueous drops in my daughters bedtime bath and have found she doesn't itch as much after the bath as she normally does and I will be continuing to use this product in future instead of our usual prescription brand. As I am a breastfeeding mum I have also been using the Bennetts range nipple cream. I haven't found this as good as my usual brand however with its price being a lot lower then my usual it is a good product if you are on a budget. The final item I tested was travel wipes and bum crème combination pack. I had many people ask where I got it from. Perfect idea and product . Overall I highly recommend the Bennetts range and I have enjoyed testing this product for them.

  • Rachel , Merseyside

    On arrival the packaging wasn't great as the travel pack had burst open. I was able to salvage what was left so that I could test it. On first impressions I must say that the packaging looked very cheap. The blue and white give off the impression that it's equivalent to a supermarkets own value range, thus surprising me when I saw the price tag attached to the products. The first product I used was the nipple cream it was fragrance free so therefore didn't smell nice or horrible, it was just a cream. I didn't rate it compared to another brand I have been using for some time despite the Bennetts one being much cheaper. It didn't stay on the skin for very long so had to be reapplied frequently to feel any benefit. The next product was the baby bath drops. My son and baby have eczema so I normally use another brand on prescription however I thought I would test this with both of them. I found this one to be just as good it provided their skin with protection and did not allow the water to dry their skin out. I would use this alongside my prescription one in future for sure. The next product I tried was the aqueous cream, I found this to be very thin and didn't provide much moisture for the skin at all so again I found that this product would have to be applied a lot more frequently than other brands that I have used in the past. The next item I tried was the bum buddy traveller. I can see how appealing this would be as its a travel pack and it makes people think that they are saving space, however, this is no smaller than a travel pack of wipes and a small bum cream pot that can be purchased. The actual product was again fragrance Free, so there was no pleasant smell when using these wipes. I had to use several as they weren't too wet either. However they did the job in question and my babies skin stayed healthy. The bum cream was great, again, caused no adverse skin reactions but honestly I found that it was nothing special. That being said it is reassuring to know that these items do not contain lots of chemicals and are good for sensitive skin.