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Turnouts – Turnouts Newborn Gift Bundle

Category: Gifts and Keepsakes - Baby

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2015 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

The Turnouts Newborn Gift Bundle includes the boy-to-girl reversible SnuggleSuit Set and CosyCocoon Sleepbag, which are sold separately but when bought as a same colour bundle, customers receive a further discount.

SnuggleSuit™ Set
Make the day when you bring home your bundle of joy a touch more special with a gorgeously unique boy-to-girl reversible sleepsuit and hat set. Crafted using double layered pure, breathable cotton, this set will keep your little one snugly all day (or night) long.

A few things you’ll love about a Turnouts SnuggleSuit Set…
• Iconic design sleepsuit and hat set
• Nickel free poppers to prevent skin irritation
• Super soft cotton jersey fabric
• Machine washable for easy care

CosyCocoon™ Sleepbag
Sweet dreams just got safer with beautiful CosyCocoon Sleep Bags, perfect for a super snuggle! CosyCocoons are designed to help you and your baby get a better night's sleep with no covers to kick off, keeping your baby warm and cosy. It also comes with a zip on the outside, which makes night time changes a quick and hassle free experience. The 2.5 tog CosyCocoons are great for all year round, in room temperatures of 16-20 degrees.

A sweeter night sleep is just a moment away with a Turnouts CosyCocoon Sleep Bag...
• Prevents baby getting tangles in blankets
• Keeps baby warm & cosy all night long
• Baby can move their arms & legs freely
• Zip & poppers makes changing baby easy at night

Both the SnuggleSuit set and CosyCocoon Sleep Bag come in either a bold coral and two tone blue or classic pastel blue and pink. The bold design feature pretty flowers coupled with adorable tiny polka dots on the girls’ side and floating clouds with bedtime stars on the boys’ side. The pastel design features cute fluffy bunnies and contemporary chevron on the girls’ side and baby anchors with nautical stripes on the boys’ side.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Natalie , Hertfordshire

    On opening the package for the turnout I was intrigued and when I read what it was, amused, which made it an enjoyable experience. I think it is a really cute idea and liked the packaging being included with the peekaboo whole which is always fun to try and guess an item through. I can imagine it getting a great reaction at a baby shower. The quality of the turnout is good quality and will wash well – although the sizing looks big. My son is 4 ½ months and will fit into the 0-3 months and whilst he’s on the small side, I think he’ll still have room. We’re going camping mid July, so I will take it with incase the English Summer weather returns. Regarding the colour and design, I am not a fan of dressing boys in blue and girls in pink – however I did like the boldness of the pink and thought the cloud print on the blue side were very cool. When we were expecting our son, we didn’t know his gender and made it clear to family we weren’t keen on blue or pink clothes however if we had received this, I would have liked it.

  • Claire , Lincolnshire

    When I first received this product, I loved the idea that it could be used for both boy or a girl which is helpful if the parents decide not to find out the sex of the bay. I liked the fact that you got the sleeping bag and the snuggle suit. The patterns on the different colours were also great! I loved the design of them. They were very easy to get on and off. Found that they washed very well. I have two boys and had I been given this as a gift for my first son it is definitely something that I would have kept and used again with my second child. Was very good for the weather that we have been having but is also good in slightly cooler weather. I would buy this a a gift for someone if they were expecting a baby. I like the fact that the hat was also included and also that the design of the hat was slightly different to the other hats on the market. The fabric felt very soft and was very gentle on the skin which meant that in the warm weather it could be worn without a vest underneath if needed.

  • Lindsay , East Sussex

    I reviewed this product with the help from my cousin who is due to pop any day now with her second child (unfortunately I am having to write this review prior to the new baby's arrival). I chose to seek her opinion on the product as she has opted to not find out the sex of her baby, thus making her the target market for this product. We were really impressed with the packaging of this product, and the idea as a whole really appealed to us. With my second child I also decided not to find out what I was having, and have to say it was very difficult and unexciting only taking white/neutral clothes to the hospital with me, and my cousin is currently facing the same issue. In fact she was going to buy 2 hats, 1 pink 1 blue so that she could at least leave the hospital proudly showing off her new addition with people aware of the sex of her baby. The people at Turnouts have solved this issue for her. The hat and snugglesuit which are both reversible have a pink pattern on one side and blue on the other. The fabric is lovely and soft, but quite thick therefore in the summer probably best used just as an outer outfit for those first few days. It all washed up really well too. One issue we found was that when the hat was turned out to the blue side it didn't turn out that well because it has a pointy top. The sleeping bag is a lovely useful addition to this gift, and is a nice alternative to a blanket. We both agreed that this would make a fabulous baby shower gift for those expectant mothers wanting a surprise. However the price was maybe a little more than we would want to spend. In summary this is a luxury gift which is of a high quality. It is a unique gift that I think many a expectant mother would be really excited to receive and it certainly solves the dilemma of what to pack in the hospital bag when you don't know whether you are having a girl or a boy. Turnouts have definitely filled a hole in the newborn market.