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Category: Health and Well Being - Swim Safety

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Consumer Choice Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Aquaplane help develops water confidence by teaching little ones the correct swimming position. Worn as a back float, the straps adjust to fit and do not restrict movement.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Keelie , Boston (Lincolnshire)

    Unfortunately we have not taken our daughter swimming as often as we would have liked to. And so at the age of 3 and a half she is only just learning to swim. She is currently reliant on her swim vests to help her to stay buoyant enough for her head to be out of the water. She really does not like water on her face. We tried out the AquaPlane on a trip to the pool to see how she would get on. It was easy to fit and she said that it was comfortable, although a bit bulky. However, once in the water it tipped her completely forward into the correct swimming position which she found a shock as her face was too close to the water for her. She also hasn't got the hang of using her arms as well as her legs to swim and so she splashed and floundered about and got quite upset that the AquaPlane was keeping her on her tummy and she wasn't able to get herself upright. I think the AquaPlane is best used by children who have a little more swimming ability and confidence in the water rather than as a starting point.

  • Vanessa , Scotland Argyll and Bute

    "We loved the Aquaplane! I'd recommend this to anyone with kids and the younger the better! We used this on my 2 year old who was used to bulky armbands in the pool and it was fantastic! Very innovative in my opinion...You simply Velcro the chest strap and the waist strap round them and they are good to go! My son could flap his arms with ease in the water and loved the freedom of not having anything on his arms to restrict him. The Aquaplane does help the child to float but it does not keep their heads completely out of the water... it seems to make the child work a little harder to keep above the water line which was just amazing to see my 2 year old really learn how to stay afloat whilst moving from one side of the pool to the other! Great for tiring them out too!! My 5 year old also loved the aeroplane design and whilst it did fit him too it was a little snug. It helped him to stay afloat but he did not seem to be able to lay out flat to do actual swimming. Either way I'd give this product 10/10 and would recommend it to everyone. It gives you piece of mind that they have a little help keeping afloat but also gives them way more freedom and room to move."

  • Nicolle , Lincolnshire

    This product I was very excited about trailing however it wasn't as appealing to my toddler. Trying to get her to place straps around her waist and chest and having something rather large on her back made it difficult to place the product correctly on her back. During the swim, it slowly began to rise up her back and into her neck maybe this maybe that my daughter has a small torso and that's why positioning was hard however she was able to swim independently and gave her the confidence to do some skills in the water as she believed she was an aeroplane. The product would work well in swim schools to get children involved in a lesson, however, using it to teach children to swim correctly I feel it make need some improvements to accommodate individual children smaller options ect or smaller straps.