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bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Category: Pregnancy Pillow

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

bbhugme is designed and developed for you by three female Norwegian chiropractors, mothers and entrepreneurs. Used as a full body pillow during pregnancy it will give important relief and support to the most critical areas; pelvis, low back, belly, knees and ankles.
To prevent unnecessary strain and discomfort in neck and shoulders during nursing, tie the pillow around your body for proper low back and shoulder support, and create a soft, comfortable base for your baby to lie. The natural, soft and eco-friendly materials easily shape around both of you, making it easier to relax and focus during this special time.
bbhugme has been thoroughly tests by both moms, dads and professionals (various therapists), and the many functions for the whole family surpasses any other pillow ever.
With its innovative design and functionality,

bbhugme will continue to provide for your needs and wants even after pregnancy and birth.

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Stacey , Lincolnshire

    The pillow is quite long so will accommodate most heights. The pillow is easy to adjust and once in the correct setting for you, is very comfortable. The softness of this pillow is simply sublime and makes you want to snuggle in all the more. It provides good support to the pelvis and leg joints. I sometimes found that my bump slipped off the pillow, mainly due to the material, and that my back was not supported as well as I would have liked even when changing positions etc. Also, if you want to roll over you do have to move and reposition the pillow, which I found disturbed me in the night.

  • Joanne , Greater Manchester

    I loved this pregnancy pillow, it's made with tiny microbeads And is super soft yet gives me the full support I need for my massive bump and aching back. The pillow comes with a removable soft cotton pillowcase in a beautiful and relaxing lavender colour and is really easy to take off the pebble clips and wash. The cotton pillowcase has kept its original state despite washing and hasn't mis shapen or bobbled. The pillow is really easy to mould into the correct position for myself whilst I'm pregnant and has really helped me sleep better at night. It's also going to be great for when I'm breastfeeding and i can't wait to take it to the hospital with me when I have my baby.

  • Lauren , Lancashire

    The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is designed for pregnant women who require support to areas such as the pelvis, low back, belly, knees and ankles. It can be used as a wrap around pillow or full body pillow. I have used it as both and it provides huge comfort and relief from any stage of pregnancy. The pillow fits and molds to your body providing firm and comfortable resting positions. The product is quite cooling especially in hot weather and can be used for a variety of purposes. The product can also be used for baby as such as a feeding pillow. You can wrap the pillow around you and tie it using the two silicone end ties that come with the pillow. These silicone ties are also suitable for baby to chew on, and my 14 month old certainly enjoyed chewing on these as she is currently teething. The pillow is made using eco-friendly bamboo and BPA free silicon pebbles. The RRP for the product is £139 and when compared to other pillows on the market this does seem quite expensive especially given other alternative but similar products on the market however given the quality of the product and the multi-functional use of the product I would say that it could be argued that the product is worth the asking price. I would recommend this product to pregnant mums as I have been using this product since i was 30 weeks pregnant and it has helped ease pregnancy pains and aches. My 14 month old also enjoys napping on the pillow and using it as a support when having her bottle. So it really is multi-functional!