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Sore bum, what should I try?

What's the best thing for a sore bum? I've always left his nappy off a while then use zinc/castor cream or sudocrem. Can't remember his bum ever being this sore!


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  • Katielou 19:3118/07/2017
    We use zinc and caster cream and sudacream that seems to be the only thing that works for us. Ellie gets a sore bum when she's teething, I had the yellow cream from drs but it made Ellie's bum even redder after using it for a while. My friend recommended drapilene I think it's called I got it from the chemist. It's trial and error I find. X
  • sophiejohnciaransmummy 12:5209/07/2017
    Hey I use a yellow cream it's got timodine in it think you can get it from the doctors on prescription or on the minor elements it works within in a day or few hours of putting it on and I think it's better than any nappy cream also the. Water wipes are fantastic as well x
  • Dawlroxy 19:4828/06/2017
    I use coconut oil when my LO needs it :)
  • porter8224 06:4025/03/2017
    My 7 month old woke up yesterday with a sore bottom, it started bleeding on the skin when I wiped it! He's never had it before. I went to the pharmacy and they said to use Sudocrem and to air it. I've also purchased Water Wipes, it seems to be improving x