Let's Talk Kids


Having major issues with my 7 year old daughter. She backhanders, doesn't do as told, lies and has even been stealing. Me and her dad are at our wits end. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we tackle this as it is causing problems for our whole family?


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  • Jan57 02:0803/10/2017
    I would check she is not being bullied at school. X
  • Tan57947 13:2307/09/2017
    I would suggest at this age to bring it to the attention of her class teacher also for extra support with dealing with the issue. I would firstly take away any kind of luxuries she has whether it be a tablet she may enjoy time on or watching tv. At this age she's old enough to know better so I would implement boundaries and if she crosses them then it's her that will ultimately lose out. It's hard but you will get through it. Cruel to be kind as they say. But you have to remain strong.