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Babyproofing - when should I start?

At about 9 months your baby will start moving. Before then, you have control over what they come into contact with, but your baby will soon have the upper hand. You’ll want to baby proof your home, but possibly have just a few days between those first tentative wriggles and full exploration.

That isn’t much time to fit stairgates, cupboard locks, corner protectors etc., and this is where the Fred range will help. All Fred products have been designed to be safe yet particularly quick and easy to fit. Using adhesive wherever it is safe to do so, including tools such as mini spirit levels to get safety gates lined up and with really clear instructions/ fitting videos, Fred products make it possible to baby proof fast. You’ll find that you can fit a Fred cupboard or drawer lock in about a minute – installation tools do all the tricky lining up for you.

Fitting a stairgate can be a hassle, but the Fred team have worked hard to make it easy. These are the key facts you need to know - whatever brand of stairgate you decide to install:

1. Pressure gates - Only to be used at the bottom of stairs, the pressure bar acts as a trip hazard which is dangerous at the top. All pressure gates need to be used with wall cups to stop them sliding and will be useless if not fitted to the wall correctly. A strong adhesive will be OK to fit wall cups onto wood, but for plaster etc. walls they need to be screwed into place. Fred pressure gates have uniquely designed wall cups that making lining everything up with 1 set of hands incredibly simple. They also have a luminous bar at the bottom to reduce trips.

2. Screw fit gates are your only option at the top of the stairs. Nobody likes screwing holes in their home, but a small hole is actually easier to repair than the large dent made by a pressure gate – and safety has to be the priority. Fred screw-fit gates fit securely in place with just 2 screws on each side and even fit over skirting boards.

3. Every home is different. Skirting boards and fancy shaped stairposts can make fitting a stair gate really hard. If in doubt, get some expert help. Consider a Fred stairpost kit or skirting kit which will make fitting a gate easier for trickier staircases. These kits can be used with Fred gates, or any other brand you choose to use.

Parental supervision is the best way of keeping your baby out of harm’s way, but well-placed safety products are an excellent second line of defence – so long as you get them fitted in time!


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