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Best electric breast pumps

If you’re a breastfeeding mum or mum-to-be, one thing you’ll definitely need is a decent breast pump that works quickly and efficiently. By expressing every now and then, you’ll be able to take a break, whether it’s for a night of unbroken sleep or a night out with the girls. Both sound like bliss to us! Read on to discover which are the best electric breast pumps out there.

Best electric breast pumps - Lansinoh

Comfort, flexibility and efficiency are what you’ll get with the Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump. Use it as a single or a double; plug it in or use it with batteries when you’re away from home. It has a closed system which stops breast milk from entering the tube and increases suction, plus it has an LED display for expressing in low light, just perfect for night-time pumping. In addition, its two-phase pumping simulates a baby’s natural suction pattern, it has three pumping modes for you to choose from and it comes with two bottles. It’s a great choice!

Medela are well loved for its excellent range of breast pumps – and this Swing Maxi Double Pump with Calma is no exception. Portable, double and easy-to-use, it makes pumping as easy as pie and super comfortable. Not just that, but it offers two-phase pumping, expresses more milk with a higher energy content, and it comes with two bottles, too. You can even sterilise all parts in the microwave, making the monotonous task of expressing that bit easier. It’s expensive – but worth it if you’re planning to pump frequently.

Best electric breast pumps - Tommee Tippee

With just three parts to assemble and clean, and a plug-in or battery-operation option, this Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electrical Breast Pump is a doddle to use. It attaches directly to the standard Closer To Nature Bottles (of which one comes with the pump) and it also comes with its own steriliser box. The massaging motion is designed to mimic your baby and its soft silicone cup offers total comfort for you during expression.

Best electric breast pumps - Calypso

Winner of the Gold Award in our Best Baby and Toddler Gear (BBTG) Awards 2016, the multi award-winning Ardo Calypso Double Breast Pump is the quietest on the market. If you’ve ever pumped before, you’ll know that it makes quite the racket, so this one’s a great option if your baby wakes at the slightest noise or if you want to be able to pump discreetly away from home or during the night. It has adjustable settings, vacuum seal technology to prevent contamination of the pump and milk, the option to single or double pump and it comes with two bottles. Plus, it comes from an NHS-approved supplier, so you’ll be in safe hands.

Best electric breast pumps - Ameda

The Ameda Purely Ultra Breast Pump is a lightweight, portable pump that is adaptable for single or double pumping and has separate dials for complete control over its 32 customisable settings. To protect the milk and your baby from bacteria and viruses, it has a HygieniKit Milk Collection System with Proven Airlock Protection. Plus, it benefits from an easy-clean design, built-in bottle holders, two bottles with a universal thread, and a carry tote bag.

Ideal for mums who want to express every day, this Nuby pump features a two-phase pumping process, an easy-to-read digital control panel, five settings and a closed system for bacteria prevention. It’s quiet and discreet, has a comfortable silicone cup and comes with one bottle. The Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump even won the Consumer Choice Award in the BBTG Awards 2016, and it’s great value for money, too.

Best electric breast pumps - Philips Avent

As milk flows more easily when you are comfortable and relaxed, the AVENT Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump is Philips' most comfortable breast pump. There’s no need to lean forward while using it, so you can sit in whatever position feels most natural, and select from three pumping settings. The soft massage cushion has a warm, velvety texture and the pump mimics a baby’s suckling motion. Its design is compact and portable and it comes with one bottle.

Have you previously breast-fed your little ones? If so, which pump would you rate as the best electric breast pump?


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  • sharleyjp 20:5902/05/2017
    I've had 3!- avent, medela and the tommee tippee. I really didn't get on with the models but do really like the avent it is very comfortable. These were all single pumps but now I have twins I certainly wish I'd gotten a double!