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Bright, fun & quirky? Test the Cosatto Supa Dupa

Parents of double trouble do you fancy testing a Supa Dupa pushchair? Well, we have just one of’s the Cosatto Supa Dupa!

Shortlisted in the double stroller category of our Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards, it’s built for parents with two youngsters. Although a stroller Cosatto’s newbie lie-flat addition means this can be used from birth. AMAZING!

Packed with features the Supa Dupa is lightweight, flexible for your family, roomy for both babies but can slip through a single doorway. It has extended UPF50+ hoods with a built in speak and you’ll also get chest pads, headhuggers and two cosy toes.

If you like the sound of this pushchair and want to test it with your family, then apply HERE by Friday 11th August 2017! But, you’ve got to be a bright person because we have this stroller in the SPECTROLUXE PRINT...Cosatto really are saving us all from boring baby stuff.


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  • Kathers 14:3711/08/2017
    My two girls would love to test this - would brighten up our days in the park!
  • roxys89 13:1010/08/2017
  • roxys89 13:0910/08/2017
    I would absolutely love to test this double buggy out as I have 2 children that are very active and bright and bubbly them selves, one is 2 and the other is a very lively 1 year old that know he knows where he's feet are loves to rub around everywhere so this would be the perfect thing for him so I can have them both in a buggy together rather than my little man wriggling out of his single because he is bored and wants to get out ???? X
  • nataliemobbs1992 16:2809/08/2017
    I would love to test this pushchair I've got 21 month old twin girls! I'm sure they'd love a bright pushchair to test out like this one!
  • hannahrose1993 16:1909/08/2017
    This looks ideal! I have a boy who is 2 in October and a little lady due in September. I have purchased a tandem pushchair and it's very heavy without any kids in! Ha I would be very interested in testing something like this! Looks perfect for nipping to the shops and the love bright unisex colour!
  • amandamcc19 16:1909/08/2017
    I would love to test this! I have a boy 2 and a newborn girl. We love out to awk the roads and around the farm through the fields. It would get a great testing
  • sarue 20:4006/08/2017
    My two girls would look lovely in this and it would match my hair colours.
  • DWatson93 10:4404/08/2017
    Omg would absolutely love to test this!!! ???? Got a little boy and trying for another so would be fab for us! ??????????????
  • samgarrard 22:1003/08/2017
    Would love to test this... I have twins so this would be a great asset for us.
  • fork 22:0403/08/2017
    Would love to test this with my 2 little rascals. We go out in the double pram every day and my son and daughter would look fabulous is this. ????????????????????
  • Tsp8 20:3803/08/2017
    Would love this, great design, standout in the crowd