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Discover the ultimate family car

Parents are forgetful, and with good reason. We have so much more than just ourselves to think about! Setting off on a car journey without our phone, nappy bag or wallet is pretty frustrating, but it happens all the time.

A survey by Land Rover has shown that a whopping 80 per cent of parents are considering an SUV for their next family car – and if they make it a Land Rover Discovery Sport, they’ll never leave anything important at home again.

The SUV allows you to tag important items, then locate them using the vehicle’s InControl™ touchscreen and Tile Bluetooth app. With the average person spending 15 minutes a day looking for lost items, and the parents surveyed saying it’s most annoying when they forget their phone, this will be a welcome function for many families.

With the 15 minutes parents could save, they were asked what they would do with their free time. 27% said they would sleep or read and those with larger families would opt for keeping themselves busy, 23% said they would do housework or the shopping.

Not only that makes it one of the best family SUV's but the Land Rover Discovery also has 981 litres of boot space and seating for up to seven people, with five ISOFIX mounts. We’d love to get our mitts on one!


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