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Dove launches Baby Dove to celebrate 60th anniversary

Dove are committed to people, they offer products to celebrate the beauty of women and they know that real beauty come in all ages, shapes, sizes and places. We recently joined them to celebrate their 60th anniversary and there was plenty of new skin treats to discover.

Dove launches Baby Dove - March17

As expected they have launched new anti-perspirants (our favourite is the Pear and Aloe Vera, it's so fresh), moisturisers and a brand new venture - the Nourishing Secrets Range, which is inspired by different rituals from around the world. The restoring ritual body butter inspired by Indian rituals is certainly a treat for mums skin and we love it!

However, a brand that is dedicated to moisture, mildness and gentle skincare, surely something had to be in the pipeline regarding the nursery industry and although we didn’t know what would be launched, something made us guess it could be a baby range. And, to our delight, it was in fact Baby Dove!

Dove launches Baby Dove - March17With baby skin being thinner than an adults, it is more likely to lose moisture and therefore will be prone to dryness. Dove already offers mild and gentle cleansing but the Baby Dove range needs to go the extra mile to protect babies, and they definitely tick that box!

Their brand new range includes a nappy cream, baby bar, shampoo, lotion, head to toe wash and wipes, which span across the rich moisture and sensitive moisture (fragrance free) options, both are hypoallergenic. 

Here at Mumii we were already fans of Dove, so we were expecting great things from Baby Dove. The wash leaves baby's skin silky soft and the wipes are strong, beautifully soft and have a gorgeous fragrance - “too nice for bum wiping” according to our Editor.

'New Baby Dove supports mothers with products from a trusted brand that have been designed to give their babies the very best care. Baby Dove wants to encourage mothers to trust their way and do what they think is best for their baby, knowing that with Baby Dove they are in safe hands.'

Dove launches Baby Dove - March17

Baby Dove is now available from Tesco and will be in Boots and Asda very soon. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you enjoy from Baby Dove!


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