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Although Easter is still a couple of weeks away, bagging those exciting eggs needs preparation. The last thing you want to do, is find out they’ve sold the egg you wanted to treat your youngsters or partners to. Some of our favourite chocolate Easter treats that you need to be quick off the mark with are part of this weeks lust after!

The Lindt gold bunny is such a classic and it’s tricky not to love it. Their chocolate is so creamy and milky perfect for the whole family to enjoy and that is exactly what you are going to need to do with this 1kg version! It’s one big bunny that will keep your whole brood quiet on Easter morning.

If you’re looking for something a little special for your youngster then this robot egg from Chococo is definitely it! Inside each of the eggs you will find yourself a not only tasty but a pretty cool looking gold robot.

We found this in Marks and Spencers a could of weeks ago and we love it! How funny is Bendy Bob? He is a hollow milk chocolate egg that has bendy arms and legs that you can also eat as they’re sweets. Replace his hands with legs and vise versa and watch your little one have lots of fun with their new bendy buddy before they eat the tasty chocolate (sorry Bob)!

Booja Booja is the chocolate egg suitable for most, because it’s dairy free, gluten free but with all the tasty goodness needed! Each of their eggs comes beautifully packaged in these floral designs that are hand painted in Kashmir, India and are hand packed with the delicious and indulgent chocolate truffles in Norfolk. These are definitely the perfect gift for anyone who loves a decadent and beautiful treat.

Why don’t you scrap the traditional Easter egg this year and try out these filled eggs from Choc On Choc? They’re like dippy eggs and toast but it’s all chocolate and the center is filled with a gooey chocolate sauce. Crack the top of the egg and dip the chocolate fingers of toast in. It’s a bit of fun and something different, plus the chocolate is heavenly, so what a bonus!



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