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The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, oh and it’s just over a week until Glastonbury starts which means it’s FESTIVAL SEASON! Although the thought of organising the whole family to prepare for a weekend in a tent together seems a little farfetched, it is becoming more and more popular. It’s time to get your welly boots on and listen to live music, eat tasty food and enjoy a weekend of fun with the family.

Festivals are known for being muddy, dirty and not exactly sterile. However, the Milton Sterilising Unit allows you to ensure everything is clean and ready to use again with the use of COLD water! Yes, that means you can pop baby bottles, teething rings, plastic cutlery and toys into the bucket with the Milton sterilising tablets or fluid and 15 minutes later it will all be sterilised. The bucket filled with the solution will also start sterile for 24 hours! 

Taking children into a big crowd can be scary as keeping tabs on them is tricky with lots of people around, which is why the Adventure Belt from More-2-Explore is a must for festival exploring. This belt system physically connects parent and child when needed, similar to reins. They are designed to keep youngsters safe on holiday, in train stations, in the shops and much more. For little ones the Adventure Belt has a little pouch for them to store their adventure treasures so it isn’t just something to use when mum and dad need to be serious!

 This one is for families who spend a lot of time outdoors on bumpy and muddy ground, which is exactly what festivals tend to be. Little legs can get easily tired at a festival but you don’t have to miss your favourite act with the YippieYo “Crossbuggy”. Simply, belt your youngsters up and pull them to your next destination! In their own words, “We have taken and combined elements from a pushchair, a hand-drawn cart and a child carrier to create an all-terrain buggy that is highly manoeuvrable and durable enabling you to enjoy tours uphill and down dale to the full”. It is suitable for two children aged 12 months and over and can take a total weight of 40kg.

If you’re baby is still very young then perhaps a baby carrier would be the best option. You can keep them close and cosy and let’s face it, if they’re still very little it’s much easier to be hands free than attempting to push your buggy. Close have just launched their Caboo +Cotton Blend in 4 anniversary printed designs and we love the Orla! This carrier can be used from birth, so if adventures with a newborn don’t faze you, you’ve got to check out these bold, bright and gorgeous prints.

Live music can be a little too loud for young ears so prepare yourself with Baby Banz ear defenders and keep their little ears safe. Baby Banz protect your child’s ears from loud noises and hopefully keep tears at bay! They are easy to wear and the foam filled cushions make them extra comfortable, plus we love the bright colours and prints.


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