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Us ladies do like to take over when it comes to the buying decisions. What pushchair to get? It’s mums choice. What changing bag do we need? It’s up to mum. With Father’s Day around the corner we thought this week we would show you some of the best baby products out there for dads.

So, maybe mums floral, yummy mummy changing bag isn’t your thing when you’re spending time with your little one, but let’s face it you do need everything inside that Mary Poppins bag. Solve the problem but getting your own changing bag that won’t cramp your style. This is the Duo Backpack from Skip Hop. The marl grey fabric is plain enough for dad and the padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry on your back. With 9 pockets including a bottle pocket and a phone pocket there’s plenty of room for you to pack all the essentials. Did we mention it fits a 15” laptop too?

As wonderful and helpful as dads can be, there’s one thing they can’t do. They just can’t breastfeed! However, Tommee Tippee have made sure dads can do everything to help even if mum isn’t around to feed as usual. When using the Express & Go mum can use a single pouch to express and store milk for their baby, and dad can take over by warming and feeding baby with this pouch with ease.

Shopping for baby essentials isn’t too exciting for dad but if you’re a football fan that might change because of Brappies! They might be too tiny to wear a full football kit at the moment but dad can now go all out on disposable nappies (who knew nappies could be so exciting) by having their football team colours printed on them.

When it comes to pushchairs there really is so many options, which fabric feel the most luxurious? Does it fold small enough? Can I change the fabrics? Is it cool enough for dad? Well, the Quinny longboardstroller couldn’t be any more fun. It’s the perfect solution for eco-friendly, adventurous dads on the go. As expected with Quinny they have ensured this stroller has multiple safety features to ensure your little one has a fun and secure ride. Doesn't this sound awesome! With only 1000 longboardstrollers ever made you'll be strolling like very few others.

There’s a book out there for every aspect of parenting from pregnancy, to birth to how to change their first nappy but there’s nothing as trustworthy to a man then a Haynes Manual. This Haynes Explains Babies manual includes Assembly & Production (pregnancy & birth), Transportation Methods (seats, slings & strollers) and Fuel (feeding) to help new dads on their way. If you’ve got a friend, parent or brother about to start their parenting journey this might be the giggle they need!


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