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Introducing mifold - the booster seat the size of an iPad

Since their invention 50 years ago, booster seats haven’t really changed, and in essence still do the same thing - raise the child upwards so that an adult’s seat belt fits them. mifold completely changes this, and we’re left thinking, why didn’t we think of that?

Brilliantly designed as a ‘Grab-and-Go Booster seat’, the team behind mifold have revolutionised the way that a traditional booster seat works and created something that is compact and portable. It’s even smaller than an iPad! mifold’s unique patented design actively lowers the adult seat belt to the height of the child. Taking the belt away from the stomach and the neck, it makes the child comfortable and safe from 4-12 years old. It’s fully adjustable to fit kids of different sizes, with 3 width settings, and has a quick clip for speedy fastening and release. So easy that even a child can do it. As it’s so narrow, you can get 3 in a row on the back seat.

It is a legal requirement in the UK for a child under 12 to travel in a booster or car seat. The majority of parents will have one of these in their own car, but it’s difficult to transport a bulky booster seat for taxi rides, holidays or when the grandparents are on duty. It could be tempting to take the risk and have the child use an adult seat belt without a booster - this is both dangerous and illegal. Hiring booster seats while on holiday can be a risky process, especially when it has previously been hired by dozens of ice-cream covered children! For the cost of one hire, you could have yourself one of these funky little gadgets instead...and when you take a trip out with friends, you don’t need to do the arduous task of moving heavy seats for one journey - try a mifold!

Because the mifold folds in half for ultimate compactness it is practical to purchase one for each of your children so that they always have an appropriate safety device on hand. You can store the mifold anywhere - your glove compartment, door pocket, seat back or your child’s backpack, and no need to take up precious boot space. Even the grandparents will be happy that they don’t need to store those spare cumbersome booster seats that they hardly ever use.

Made with aircraft grade aluminium alloy and a super tough plastic polymer, the mifold also has foam padding technology for extra comfort for the child. Although comfy, it isn’t overly obvious that the child is using a booster seat - perfect for those of you with pre-teens. They’re kept safe AND their street cred is kept intact.

We think that the mifold is a fantastic travel safety accessory for those occasions when a full car seat or booster isn’t possible, whether you have several children in the car that need a booster seat or are sending your child off with friends for a play date. We really are jealous of the idea and think it’s one of the best new inventions we’ve seen in a while - you see a few crazy ones in this industry! Being so small, we love that it can go anywhere with you and means that you don’t have to miss out on any spontaneous trips if you aren’t organised. 10x smaller than a standard booster, it could almost fit in your pocket!

If you need a mifold in your life, you can help the product come to fruition by pre-ordering yours now through their crowdfunding campaign. And it’s perfect timing this week with it being Child Safety Week! Having an RRP of £34.99, the pre-order price is only £23.

To find out more visit their website.


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