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Meet the flexible LEGO tape

Fans of LEGO you are going to love this. Imagine being able to play with your LEGO just about anywhere including curved surfaces, something one of the most popular toys in the world currently does not offer. 

Well, it's now possible with this creation from Nimuno Loops. Although not an official LEGO product this plastic strip has an adhesive side and a Lego compatible side - yes, it really is LEGO tape!

Simply stick the tape to just about anything, from walls to toys, even trainers and start building because this tape can turn pretty much anything into a LEGO friendly surface.

The tape is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and creators Nimuno have already reached their original goal with a month until the deadline.

From July 2017 you'll even be able to buy yourself 2 rolls of Nimuno Loops for $11, will you be ordering some?


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