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New from Babystyle - The Oyster Snuggle Bed Bedside Sleeper

Babystyle are well known for their pushchairs, particularly the Oyster pushchairs and of course their Nursery Furniture Collections. This month sees the launch of their brand new bedside crib, the aptly named Oyster Snuggle Bedside Crib.

We have followed this product from prototype to full production, so we know how much thought has been put into this. Babystyle know just how important those first few months are and have designed it with both mum and baby in mind. With a lightweight aluminium frame, this crib is easily portable and the 5 position height adjustment means that for babies with colic or reflux, this could be the magical answer tired parents are craving.

The Oyster Snuggle is compact and easily folded meaning that it makes the perfect travel cot for those first few month - no need for a newborn to feel lost in a usual travel cot - they can sleep in their own bed whether visiting Grandparents or a sneaky weekend break away to a posh hotel!

Here at Mumii, we are looking forward to learning more about this product which is bound to take the bedside crib market by storm - watch this space over the coming weeks for more news ;)


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