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There is a pioneering device on the market that is set to give women the chance to take control of their fertility. Recommended by Health Professionals and clinically proven to work, OvuSense is a fertility tracker that is markedly different from the rest.

Trying to understand your fertility can be a daunting, worrying and incredibly lonely time for many women. Not knowing if everything is ok, scared if it isn't and frustrated by the not knowing. This can cause additional stress at a time when women do not need it.

OvuSense allows each users cycle to be analysed on an individual basis, the devices allows you to learn and understand when you are ovulating - as it  may not always happen when you would expect. This gives you the chance to take back control, something that is often taken away with false ovulation prediction kits, inconclusive tests and incorrect App data. After your first cycle it can give you an 7 day fertile window, something many women trying to conceive will welcome.

Why is OvuSense different to other fertility devices or Apps?

Unlike other Apps, monitors and tests, OvuSense is a vaginal sensor that measures your ‘core body’ temperature every 5 minutes, throughout the night. Meaning you can use it every night to track your cycle until it detects ovulation, whether this happens much earlier or later in the month than expected. If ovulation doesn't occur it will inform you too, meaning users can take this information forward to seek medical help. It provides you with scientific evidence so you know exactly what is going on in your body. 

During your cycle you will receive a realtime ovulation prediction, this is OvuSense notifying you that ovulation may be about to happen and it might be time to try to conceive. You will then receive confirmation that you have ovulated. Your following cycle will show you a Fertile Window, this is when you are most likely to conceive if your cycles are the same length. The window is usually five days prior to ovulation and two days afterwards.

OvuSense offers women the opportunity to understand whether they are in fact ovulating and when it is happens. It can do so up to a day in advance and detects the exact date of your ovulation, with 99% clinically proven accuracy.

What does OvuSense offer women?

 Rob Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus said: “Unlike any other product OvuSense provides 24 hours’ advance notice of ovulation - with clinically proven 96% correct results, and 99% accurate detection of the exact date of ovulation. You don’t need to wait for OvuSense to ‘learn’ your cycle characteristics as it starts working right away, regardless of where you are in your cycle using the information you provide it each night.

'What we are about is providing women with extremely accurate information they can ‘do’ something with and potentially change the course of your fertility journey.”

OvuSense empowers women and enables them to take back the control and the understanding of their own body, that testing at the incorrect time and App data that is based on a calendar method (that only fit the cycle of around 30% of women) has taken away from them.

Lori an OvuSense user said: "I know we've missed this month through not being able to have sex at the right times, this is the third time in a row that I have ovulated in the seven years we have been trying to conceive and it's all thanks to OvuSense that I have been able to get this information. I have very long cycles and before OvuSense, I was having ovulation blood tests done at the wrong time so my doctor thought I wasn't ovulating."

"What world is this? I feel like I'm living in another person’s life right now. I can't even believe that I'm ovulating and would have never known when without OvuSense. Amazing!" Erin, an OvuSense customer.

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