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Pet lovers the DEEBOT N78 vacuum cleaner needs reviewing

As a nation of pet lovers we are all too familiar with doggy paw prints and cat hairs on the floor. ECOVACS Robotics have launched their vacuum cleaner designed especially for cleaning pet hair left behind from your mucky pup. It’s the DEEBOT N78!

The direct suction with particle filter removes pollen and dust mites, as well as dirt and it has a wet-and-dry cleaning system that allows dusting and mopping in a single motion meaning it can clean the house up after a muddy walk so you don’t have to!

Thanks to these features the DEEBOT N78 is ready to clean up after your furry friend. If you and your pets feel up to the challenge to test the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78, APPLY HERE by Monday 4th September 2017!



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  • mommasal 10:1802/09/2017
    Two dogs, four cats, twin boys aged 11 and two new grand babies due in the next two months ....this will be tested to the limit
  • JoshAlf 09:2331/08/2017
    Would love this to use for our new kitten, as well as 2 messy boys! . . . . . And husband! ????????????
  • Molldoll 17:3824/08/2017
    Oooh now this would be fab for a smelly hairy bulldog ! Would definitiely be put to the ultimate test