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Sleep essentials for mum

Sleep, it’s something we do everyday but we don’t realise how important it actually is. To maintain a happy and healthy mind and body it is key that we not only get enough sleep, but that is good quality sleep.

With such busy schedules so many of us climb into bed at the end of the day and surf through social media and emails before we finally doze off. However, creating an environment where your bed is for winding down and clearing your mind is a key way to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

You can get sleep aids for everyone but we have decided to share a couple of our favourite with you.

We’ve recently tried the BetterYou Magnesium Flakes and have to admit adding these into your night time wind down. Did you know that magnesium is a natural relaxant? Enjoy a bath and let your muscles relax, which will help reduce feeling restless before bedtime. The flakes are so simple to use - just dissolve in a warm bath and away you go! Not only will they help your body calm but when the magnesium is soaking in by the skin it will aid body levels. 

Something handy to do before you go to sleep with a to do list whizzing around you mind - is to write it down. Even if it is the smallest thing, like remember to go to Tesco tomorrow it helps you waking up knowing you've forgotten something. We find this such a helpful way of emptying our minds, however you don't have to worry about forgetting anything. kikki.K have some lovely journals they're so pretty and it's perfect to keep next to the bed for and thoughts you need to rid off before snoozing.

If you tend to be a light sleeper and light from either outside or your partner playing around on a iPad tend to wake you up then perhaps an eye mask is a good idea. Block out as much light as possible to help you achieve your well rested (and deserved sleep). 

This The White Company White Lavender sleep set is perfect for creating a calming environment. It has a spritz, pulse point roll on, a candle and a silk eye mask! It would make a lovely gift set, but if you fancy treating yourself what's better than something to help you have that good night's sleep.

Ensuring your bed is the most calming place possible is necessary to help you unwind and settle down into a snooze, which is why right now we're loving the This Works deep sleep pillow spray. It's a mist that you simply spray on before bed and then you let the lavender scent do it's magic - it's a sure thing that this will help calm your mind and body perfect for soothing you to sleep.

There are so many apps available to help you unwind and Sleepfulness is one of them. Basically it contains a selection of guided meditations, it almost reminds of us tape story books that you would listen to as a child. It has four different elements for you to work through: Going to Sleep, Can’t Sleep, Waking up and Daytime. The voice is so calming that although you are taking in the voices guidence it's very easy to zone completely out - perfect for bedtime. We turned our phone over to avoid the bright light or perhaps you could turn the brightness down so it's less intrusive! Oh and it's a free app so it's worth trying on Android or iOS.


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  • sunferralouise 07:3103/04/2017
    Expectant mother deserve relaxation!