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Swimming tips for babies

The thought of teaching your precious little one can be daunting but with drowning being the second leading cause of unintentional death in children under the age of five it’s important they learn.

Swimbabes are one the UK’s leading baby swim schools so we decided to ask them for a helping hand in putting together a list of tips to help mums and dads take the plunge. Swimming is enjoying, relaxing and fun for youngsters so being able to take a look at some tips and prepare yourself will help you when it comes to getting in your swimmies with baby in tow.

- Bath time is the perfect place to introduce your child to water. Use toys and songs to have a splash around!

- Swimming pool visits should be fun for youngsters. Encourage water play as they build their confidence. Once you think they are ready start introducing basic skills in between play time.

- If you don’t feel confident in teaching your child then look into local courses - can provide some great ideas to practice with your child and the security of a qualified teacher to support you.

- When going to and at the pool try and maintain a simple routine. The will help keep your child settled and they will be happier to try new things if you gradually try them during your usual routine.

- Try to recognize when your little ones does not want to swim. For example if you go after nursery they may be tired, perhaps ask them when they would like to go and see if that works for your schedule.

- Remember the core skills and repeat them during each pool visit. Encourage strong leg kick and arm action. Practice the skills for no more than seven minutes at a time. In between let them rest and play.

- Don’t forget all children progress at their own pace, do not compare them with other children.

Laura Molloy the founder of Swimbabes and many of the teaching team have over 10 years experience of teaching babies and toddlers to swim. They also believe every baby should learn so they are equipped with key survival skills and they currently teach more than 1700 babies to swim each week. If you fancy taking your baby to a lesson you can find out more here.


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