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Test It, Use It, Love It: New digital video monitors from Summer Infant

We all love those precious moments watching our little ones sleep, but when there is always so much to do, making use of those nap times can feel essential. Choosing the right monitor for your family gives you the freedom to get on with all those little jobs, to spend time with your other children or maybe even to put your feet up for a few minutes!

The new range of digital video monitors released by Summer Infant for 2017 offers something for everyone. The Wide View 2.0 monitor takes in three times more of the room so it is almost as though you are there in the doorway yourself, and there is also a Duo version available so you can keep an eye on two different rooms - perfect if you have an older child and a baby still in your bedroom or a separate nursery. For those who want to get right up close without the risk of waking anyone up, the Panorama monitor allows you to zoom in, pan and tilt the camera view remotely.

All the new Summer Infant monitors, including the smaller-screen, budget-friendly Sure Sight 2.0, incorporate an array of extra features to help ensure your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind, from enhanced night vision and soft-glow nightlights to an onscreen temperature display and sound-activated lights. So when another busy day is over, you can relax and then go to bed, confident that you will know if your children need you.

The softly curved white units have been designed to wrap up the latest technology in a package that looks contemporary and is in keeping with your home environment, and Summer Infant has also been keen to leave out unnecessary frills, aiming for a system that is easy and intuitive to use - even when you’re half-asleep!

We asked three Mumii families - the McKinnons, Oakes and Sperdutos - to put three different monitors to the test in their daily lives. Keep watching to find out how they got on...

Summer Infant

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