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The summer holidays are finally here...yay for the youngsters, uh oh for mums and dads! We’ve been having lots of lovely weather and there's more to come, so we bet you are going to be outdoors and having fun in the garden. This weeks lust list has everything that you might need to make your back garden the most exciting place this summer.

Race 'n' Slide Early Learning Centre

Get your heart racing with the Race ‘n’ Slide from Early Learning Centre. Simply secure to the ground, attach your hose, watch the water spray out, then RUN AND SLIDE! It comes with two inflatable boards so your children can race each other (or you, if you’re feeling brave). When they get to the end of the slide, a pool of water awaits to splash them, it really is perfect for a hot summer's day.

Water balloons are a must! But, we all know children filling them up in the sink isn’t the best idea, water being splashed all over the bathroom is avoidable with the Zuru Bunch Of Balloons. You can fill 100 water bombs in under 60 seconds, this is serious bulk ammunition! Just attach to your hose or tap and watch as each balloon is filled. Once filled they will drop off the spout and tie themselves. It couldn’t be any easier!

You can’t beat a water pistol fight, well maybe you can. Get a Nerf Super Soaker Floodinator Water Blaster, that's going to change the game! It can hold up to 2 litres of water and will blast it up to 38 feet away. Parents get ready to run unless you are armed too because this is a powerful pistol that will super soak anyone in its path. 

On the super hot days we’ve been having a water sprinkler or sprayer is needed but the Sizzlin’ Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer is a much cooler way to enjoy the heat. When the sun is shining your little ones can run under the sharks jaws to cool off and have a little splash around. This shark is on land so you don’t have to beware of those sharp teeth!

Plum Bounce & Slide

If you’re looking for something to smash all water fights, paddling pools and fun with the garden hose out the window then check out the Plum Bounce & Slide! It’s perfect for an action packed day of fun and splashing around. There’s a enclosed jumping space for bouncing and the slide has a water gun pointing at it, so get ready to be drenched. If it was a little bigger, trust us we would get one of these for our own garden party!


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