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Fertility, it’s a topic many of us choose to investigate alone and often leaves us unsure where to turn. However, there is a device that Doctors from across the World are advocating people use, it’s called OvuSense. In essence, it allows you to track your cycle and know exactly how your body works - no two people are the same and OvuSense lets you see your data so you know exactly when you are ovulating. It’s not guess work, it’s scientific and backed up by Professionals.


OvuSense is the only Class 2 Medical device on the market. Developed by Doctors and scientists it is a device that is able to offer users ovulation confirmation with 99% clinically proven accuracy.

Caroline Price, Customer Support Manager for OvuSense, explains: “Clinically proven in over 10,000 cycles, you wear the OvuSense sensor in the vagina overnight to measure your ‘core body’ based on real-time data in-cycle, unlike other monitors.”

OvuSense is the only product that works in such a way. It records the rise and fall of progesterone in the body each and every day that it is used. Progesterone is a direct indicator of ovulation, other methods of tracking fertility such as Basal Body Temperature, Ovulation Predictor Kit and skin based temperature methods are indirect indicators and do not offer the accuracy of OvuSense.

Explaining the process of OvuSense, Fertility Nurse Kate Davies states: “In the morning, the user downloads the data to OvuSense App, which analyses the fertility status and produces an extremely accurate daily graph.  Core body temperature has been proven in clinical trials to be more accurate than monitoring with urine, external temperature and fertility tracker apps, which can produce an incorrect result 1 in every 5 cycles."


OvuSense has been created to help, empower and educate women and this new feature reveals a further understanding of how OvuSense calculates ovulation.

To continue providing users with as much information as possible about your cycle and ovulation, OvuSense have just launched a brand new version of their App (v1.5), which allows users to track their cycle more clearly by seeing 3 views of your data.

1. Raw. This shows you the overnight temperature point, users can understand the daily fluctuations in temperature. Similar to Basal Body Temperature Measurements.

2. Smooth. This shows you the averaged out temperature curve which OvuSense will use to predict and detect your ovulation.

3. Combined. This graph shows your smooth graph drawn over the top of the raw graph, showing all of your data taken by OvuSense.

The Smooth graph is generally more useful as this will show a true variation in your core body temperature, removing anomalies like fever spikes which are not related to the underlying movement in your progesterone level.


Dr Irfana Koita is a Fertility Consultant at IVF Matters is an advocate of OvuSense and says: "I recommend OvuSense to my patients as a key part of cycle monitoring whether trying to conceive naturally or undergoing treatment. Knowing your unique cycle characteristics is vital when trying to get pregnant. As a regulated medical device OvuSense has been evaluated in two independent clinical trials and over 10,000 cycles of use, so I am confident OvuSense will give you vital information on your journey to a successful pregnancy.”

"I recommend OvuSense to all my patients. OvuSense empowers women to understand their cycle and identify ovulation. At last, women can at last find out exactly when they ovulate to optimize conception.” Said Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse and Coach at Your Fertility Journey.


Supported by Doctors, Scientists, Fertility Experts and customers, OvuSense is the fertility tracker that can offer women accuracy and knowledge of their own cycle. With real-time data OvuSense can predict and confirm ovulation, with lots of success stories.

Rob Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus said: “We never promise pregnancy – no one can do that – what we are about is providing women with extremely accurate information they can ‘do’ something with and potentially change the course of your fertility journey.”


Pamela is an OvuSense customer who was diagnosed with PCOS aged 14, since then has tried every form of fertility medication, IVF and treatments. OvuSense has given Pamela an understanding about her body that she didn't previously have.


"I am pregnant after using OvuSense for two months. We were trying for 8+ years before that."

Used by thousands of women OvuSense is not just a fertility tracker. It is a device that enables women to take back the control of their fertility journey and it has the support of Health Professionals as well as OvuSense customers.

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