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Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet review

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"Easy to use, case is brilliant, safe for my son to use, ideal for travelling"
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"My son wants more things to watch and play"
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More and more children have access to technology now, including learning on computers and tablets at school. If you feel it is time to welcome something like this in to your home, it could be worth checking out the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet.

We recently sent mum Amy and 3 year old Rory home with one, if you're wondering whether it was a hit keep reading to find out more in their Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet review. Did it get the thumbs up from mum?

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Amazon Fire Kids Tablet comes in an orange box. Inside is simply the tablet (with its case) and charging lead, I didn't spend ages trying to work out what went where, it was simple and easy. 

Charge up the tablet and then you follow the instructions on the screen. I am not the most technically able (not bad but not amazing either) but it was all pretty straightforward to follow each step. I would say it took 5 minutes from switching the tablet on to completing all the steps and we were ready to go. I was very impressed with the setup - it was so easy! Which is great when you have an impatient 3 year old keen to find out what this new 'toy' is all about.

STYLE: The Amazon Fire Kids tablet is a nice and chunky tablet thanks to its cover. They call it a 'kid-proof case' and my son has used it consistently for some time now and bar a few smudges on the screen which you would expect and can easily wipe clean, it has no visible marks. The fab thing about this kids tablet is the 2 year 'worry free' guarantee, so if it breaks you can return it and they will send you another, with no questions asked. As a parent, I think this is great to know! 

In terms of the screen on the tablet, it is pretty good. I don't think it's the best out there but it was a lot better than I thought it might be considering it is a child friendly tablet.

USE: Everything is easy to navigate - the parent has a section and then you log on to your child's profile. There everything is divided in to videos, games, apps and books. When you press one of these, a what seems like a never-ending list of things to choose from comes up. So in videos you can choose from Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pingu, literally anything and everything you could think of. 

This is where I saw my son takeover, he loved the fact he could choose what to watch or play. This was the first time he had used a tablet and to be honest, I was slightly sceptical at first. I wasn't sure there was the need or if I even had the desire to introduce him to this sort of technology so young. But, even in his nursery they encourage ICT and he really did seem to get a lot from it. The fact you can set a timer so that they can only use it for say 30 minutes is great. 

You can download videos and games which is what you will need to do if you want to take it on your travels as the tablet works by using WiFi normally so you need to download for use in the car, train etc. It's pretty simple to do, especially after you have done it once or twice.

We have used the tablet on a number of long journeys and I have to say it has been brilliant! He isn't allowed it the whole time but we use it an incentive for being good and then he can have some screen time. Considering I was very sceptical, I am not sure how we would manage without it - I never thought I would say that! We've used it a few times on train journeys, as well as in the house - he's also shown his grandparents his tablet. It's easy to have in your handbag or in their case/backpack.

My son loved the Gruffalo games that were loaded on the tablet - this encouraged matching, hand-eye co-ordination and problem solving. I don't think we have explored the games enough to be honest but the ones he has, really do seem to test him. Some he wants to try on his own and others he wants help with them. There is plenty of opportunity to be involved with this tablet and you can play it together which is nice.

FEATURES: What this tablet did is give me peace of mind - I know my son can see what we have allowed him to see. I like that he has his own tablet and isn't trying to use other family members. I know that if I am putting some washing on or cooking a meal and he is sat at the table, I can see and hear what he is playing on and not be worried he has come across something he shouldn't - which you hear so often in the news. 

Also, if you do want to download extra video or games, these are on your parental settings - so no racking up £££ from them hitting the buy it now button. Thankfully.

There is also a camera on this tablet - it really is like any other tablet in a lot of ways. This is quite funny as once my son realised, he was soon taking pictures of inanimate objects and really enjoying doing so.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can persoanlise your child's profile which is nice as it makes it feel even more like theirs and lets them feel like a big boy or girl. Go ahead and choose the profile pic, you can also look at what they will like, etc. 

Carry some screen wipes - with little fingers the screen can get quite messy but just use a wipe and it will soon look fine. 

Download things for your travels.

YOUR CONCLUSION: I am really impressed with the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet and would absolutely recommend it to other parents! I was initially sceptical but actually in moderation it works really well. My son doesn't want to be on it all the time. It hasn't turned in to a battle to take it off him, he knows he can have it at certain times and then will go off and play with puzzles, diggers or with play-doh. It really comes in to its own on long (and let's face it boring) car journeys. It's so easy to use and there is clearly an educational benefit. Plus the 2 year guarantee and parental controls, makes this a real winner for me!



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