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Joie Spin 360

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"Complete swivel action, easy to fit, harness hooks"
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"Crotch pad is bulky"
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    £ 249.99

It is recommended that you should keep your child rearward facing for as long as possible, however what do you do when your baby grows ouJoie Spin 360 - ERF GOLDt of their infant carrier? Extended Rear Facing seats! As the name suggests, this extends the time you can keep your child in a rearward postition. The Joie Spin 360 took the gold spot in the 2016, Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards so we sent it out to mum, Jane and her 2 year old, Jack! 

Did it live up to all they expected from a gold award winner? Keep reading..

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I was very excited to receive this car seat. The instructions were very clear, with written explanations and clear colour coded illustrations. The seat comes with its own ISOFIX built in which has clear (green) indicators on the arms showing when it has been correctly fitted. Joie Spin 360 - Isofix indicators I admit I was a little apprehensive about fitting the seat myself as I hadn't done this before but it really was hassle free and the red and green indicators gave me the confidence to know it was safely fitted it in my car.

STYLE: This seat is two tone black and its very smart with the insert for babies is a complimentary dark grey colour. The sides of the seat appear to be higher than some other brands and the padding makes it a really comfortable for my toddler. I was impressed with the harness hooks on the sides of the seat, which are very inconspicuous but undoubtedly a terrific addition, allowing the harness to be hooked back out of the way making it easier to get my toddler in and out.

USE: The Joie Spin 360 does exactly what is says on the tin! I was impressed with how easily it can be spun and how simple it was to fit in my car. This is the first rotating seat I have tried and I am converted completely. I have sciatica and it has made such a difference getting my two year old in and out - I just wish I had had it since birth. 

Joie Spin 360 - Jack in seat

FEATURES: I love that the seat has a full 360 rotate action meaning that it can easily be fitted on either side of the car and can be spun in any direction. The harness hooks are a greatJoie Spin 360 - harness hook little addition. Another great feature is that the ISOFIX arms can be moved to give a rear facing child more leg room if needed. I intend to continue to use it rear facing for as long as possible so I think this will be a bonus as my toddler grows. The only feature that we have had an issue with is the crotch pad which is bulky and detaches itself sometimes when I am putting my son in the seat. It can be re attached using the velcro fastening. There are five recline positions available although I have found there is not a huge difference in the position.

GOOD TO KNOW: This car seat is a smaller footprint than some other rotating car seats on the market making it ideal for a smaller car. Using a rotating seat means that the adult seat in front needs to be slightly further forward but we haven't found this to be a problem at all. The seat is excellent value for money as can be used from birth right up to age four meaning there is no need to purchase an infant carrier.

YOUR CONCLUSION: On the whole I have been really impressed with this car seat. I love the 360 degree spin feature which has made our lives so much easier. We make a lot of long journeys and my two year old is comfortable and happy. Safety is a huge consideration for me and although this is one of the cheaper rotating car seats on the market, it feels completely safe and I have no reservations in recommending it to friends.

Joie Spin 360 - 4.5 stars



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    Safe and durable, ideal for your little travelers
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