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Kiddimoto Kurve Review

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"Simple to assemble, sturdy build, beautiful design, tactile handlebars, matching helmet available."
  • Our Score
    £74.99 (helmet £29.99)
"Quite heavy (4.5KG)."
  • Our Score
    £ 74.99 (helmet £29.99)

When it comes to balance bikes and finding the perfect choice for your little ones first bicycle it can get a little confusing. There's plenty of options but knowing which to go for might be where you need a helping hand! Now the weather is starting to perk up we decided to send Jane and Lewy off with a balance bike to test out. Read their Kiddimoto Kurve review to find out what they thought. Does it get the thumbs up from a busy mum and her little helper?

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: We were really excited to receive the Kiddimoto Kurve Fossil. I was surprised at how compact the box was and when I opened it, I was impressed at the way the parts were packaged. I really felt like I was opening something a little bit special. We laid out all the pieces and after a quick look at the instructions I knew that it wasn't going to be difficult to assemble. There were only 6 parts and the allan keys were also supplied (super handy). The instructions were purely pictorial and this was sufficient. It took about 15 minutes to put together, which gets the thumbs up from me.

STYLE: I love the curved shape and the light natural wood used for the main body of the bicycle. The fossil design was a huge hit as my little boy is a dinosaur fan and he initially spent quite a while looking at all the different skeletons. There was roaring! 

I was a bit worried about how to encourage a 3 year old to wear a helmet, but having a matching helmet was great. The dinosaur theme really gripped him and he couldn't wait to wear it. The reaction of my other mum friends has been very positive, with the word 'Wow!' being used a lot.

USE: When I built the Kurve I raised the seat slightly to make it the correct height. As this was Lewy's first time using a balance bike he was a bit apprehensive at first, so I have lowered it again just to give him some time to get used to it and to build confidence. He loved it! Whilst the bike is a little heavy to lift, the large air filled tyres make it easy to ride and I think the design of the steering column makes it difficult to over steer which is a huge plus at this stage.

FEATURES: One of the best features of the Kurve is actually the easy assembly and the sturdy build. I have absolute confidence that it will withstand maximum wear and tear for a long time to come. The grips on the handlebars are soft rubber which makes them easy to grasp and the padded seat is soft and comfortable. 

GOOD TO KNOW: As a first bicycle I think the Kurve is terrific. I am confident it will stand the test of time and will hopefully be handed down to the next budding cyclist when the time comes, making it really good value for money. Before buying any bicycle I would advise taking accurate measurements to ensure your little one is going to be tall enough as I think the lowest seat setting on the Kurve is a little higher than some other balance bikes.

CONCLUSION: There are so many choices available to parents buying a first bicycle. We always wanted to go with a balance bike and eliminate having to use stabilisers at a later stage. Admittedly I was apprehensive about choosing a wooden bike but this has been a huge hit. We all love it and friend's children have all loved having a go too. The design has turned heads at the park and I've been asked about the bike by strangers.

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