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Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table Review

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"Lots of different bits to keep kids entertained, sturdy, kids of all ages will enjoy playing."
  • Our Score
"Takes a while to build, difficult to keep clean."
  • Our Score
    £ 64.99

Now Summer has arrived the little ones will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Little Tikes are famous for their outdoor toys, including the Cozy Coupe but does their Fountain Factory Water Table offer hours of fun and splashing? Keep reading to find out more...

Hi I’m Kelly and I have two children - nearly 5 year old Edward, 2 year old Matilda and our next baby is due in November. I've been given the Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table to try out this Summer.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The table comes in quite a large box, which shows that its quite a good sized toy from the off. Opening the box shows lots of separate little parts that need completely fitting together. The instructions are made up of text and real life images, to make things easier. Because of so many pipes and plastic fittings, it took me quite a while to fit everything together and the kids were getting quite impatient! One particular pipe took me longer the rest to attach, so I ended up putting it in warm water for a while, so that it would soften enough to attach to the next plastic part.

STYLE: Once built, its taller than my two year old and the table part is a perfect height for them to both play at. There are numerous pipes and levers that do different things and a pump to pass the water through the main section.

USE: The weather has been rather up and down recently, but on those nice days (which we've had a couple of), the water table has definitely been the first port of call for my kids when they're playing out in the garden! They get soaked and love experimenting with the different sections to see what they do. We just top it up with the hose pipe each time. It also comes with several different spouts and plastic toy containers so that they can play with these in the water and fill the areas up.

GOOD TO KNOW: My only criticism is that because of the various different pipes and complexity of fitting them together, it’s difficult to get in properly and clean them. Being an outside toy, it’s bound to get a bit dirty, and I'd recommend moving into a shed or something if you have the space when its not being played with. I've had to give it a clean already with some disinfectant, hose pipe and cloth, and because the bottom of the table has raised swirls, it makes it a bit more difficult to scrub out.

CONCLUSION: For a large outside toy, that all ages will enjoy playing with, I think that it's priced well at £64.99 and would make the perfect addition to anyone's garden! I give the Fountain Factory from Little Tikes 4.5 out of 5 stars and I only marked down because it’s difficult to keep clean.




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  • liliywil 12:0313/12/2017
    Great toy for kids to have some fun with water!