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Mountain Buggy freerider Review

At a glance

"Bright colours, good build quality, lots of fun and play value, offers independence, reasonably priced against other scooters, holds a child up to 20kg."
  • Our Score
"Fiddly to set up the universal connector, read the instructions before going to the park!"
  • Our Score
    £ 99.00

Katie is mum to Sebastian aged 3 and Esme who is 17 months. She is a nurse who loves to spend her days out and about with the kids. But, with a busy tot in tow getting around isn't always so easy. Well, the Mountain Buggy freerider is an ingenious design that offers parents the chance to have a buggy board and free-wheeling kids scooter all in one. It sounds good to us but what did mum Katie think? We send her off with it and here is her Mountain Buggy freerider review. Does it offer functionality, fun and freedom all in one? Keep reading...

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The box that the Mountain Buggy freerider came in is really nice - it has some lovely photos on the box and gives you an idea that it's a fun and cool product. The box is oblong and it had a handle, it was light to carry too.

We were keen to get out and test the freerider, to use it just as a scooter, you can build in literally seconds - pop in the handle and that's it, off they can go! To be honest we probably should have read the instructions more carefully before going to the park when looking at using the scooter with the pushchair. It does take longer than you think, probably a good 20 minutes to get the scooter attached to the pushchair with the universal connnector. The instructors were fine although we did look on YouTube for a video to help us too! Attaching it to the pushchair was definitely the most fiddly element and my warning is: read the instructions first! I think then, the more you use it, the better and quicker you get.

STYLE: We tested the freerider in bright yellow, we love the colour (my son's favourite colour so was always going to be a winner), it's very striking but also you can see it from a distance and in crowds which is obviously important with a product like this. 

The build quality felt very good. I had a play with it it and loved what the scooter was made from, the part where the child stands is textured which means it won't get slippy when it's wet and offers some grip for little ones when standing on it - I think this is different to some other scooter brands and something I very much welcome.

USE: On it's own, the scooter is sooooo easy to use. As soon as it's built, they can just get going. And my son did! He loved whizzing past us and his sister in the pushchair. At times he could get a fair few metres in front of us but he was always good and stopped when we asked him too. It didn't take him long to get his confidence and start speeding along. My husband and I were smiling and laughing as he tried to whizz ahead and pretending he was trying to rescue someone (he loves Fireman Sam) and actually it kept my little girl entertained, she was pointing at him and he picked a daisy for her which was so cute and not something he would have done had he been strapped in a pushchair.

It definitely seemed to make him feel more independent and a 'big boy'.

FEATURES: We walked for about a mile each way and Sebastian was happy to scoot all the way to the park. On the way back, he did want to rest his legs at time and so we attached the scooter to our buggy (Mountain Buggy terrain) and he loved strolling along with us. 

He kept looking through the pushchair peekaboo window to see his sister (well, tease her too - she lost her pig tails a few times) and was also chatting away to us when he was stood on the scooter, pointing out and trying to eat all the blackberries! 

There was a nice amount of cushioning on the handles and the wheels coped going over lots of different terrains - I think it could handle the toddler challenges Sebastian and others would want to put it through.

GOOD TO KNOW: When you attach the freerider to the buggy, it can take a bit of time to get used to your new stride pattern. The freerider is quite long and so your pattern does change, unless you choose to walk next to it. You can fold it up when the scooter isn't in use, instructions show how to fold it up when on the pushchair and it wasn't tricky to work out and do. 

The fact that the freerider can be attached to other Mountain Buggy pushchairs as well as others (Bugaboo Buffalo, Quinny Buzz/Mood, Britax b-Ready, Baby Jogger City Mini to name a few) is great! It means you can buy this when you have a toddler but also have a little one. The universal connector is a clever idea and whilst it can be a bit fiddly to get on but when it's on, it's on and you don't have to think about it again, unless you have a lot of pushchairs and need to switch it over.

YOUR CONCLUSION: Sebastian had a brilliant time testing out the freerider, he was smiling from ear-to-ear and making lots of 'brrmmmm, brmmmm' noises and happy to explore. He was obviously supervised at all times but it allowed him to feel like a 'big boy' whilst we felt he was using a safe and clever product, I think my little girl was desperate to have a go! 

I love how bright it is, the product quality and the flexibility to use on its own or with a pushchair for when they get tired or you need to watch them more carefully. It has the complete fun factor and we had so much fun testing it out!!



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