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My Babiie Billie Faiers MB01 Stroller Review

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"Great value for money, good quality fabrics, easy to fold, easy to push."
  • Our Score
"Wheel looked marked after little use, Light fabrics BUT easy to clean."
  • Our Score
    £ 89.99

With a market filled with prams, pushchairs and strollers, knowing which one will suit your lifestyle takes some research. We recently decied to put the My Babiie Billie Faiers MB01 Pink Stripe Stroller to the test. The pretty design looks lovely but does it do the job? To find out read our full My Babiie MB01 stroller review below...

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: When I received the My Babiie stroller I have to say that I was thinking that it would just be another stroller and for £89.99, my expectations were perhaps set quite low. However, from the moment I got it out of the box, I was impressed with the quality. The stroller was very easy to put together (instructions weren't needed but I have put a few together in the past). From taking it out of the box, to being able to take it out and about, it took only a few minutes.

COMFORT: I used the My Babiie stroller with my 19 month old daughter and she really liked it. The seat is fully adjustable meaning that it is easy for her to sleep when reclined but also has a very 'upright' position meaning that she was comfortable when sat up. She was able to see the world easily without having to peer around the sides of the pushchair.

It was very easy to get her in and out of the stroller - and the harness was simple to adjust to the right size and easy to do up and undo, even with a wriggling toddler. 

EVERYDAY USE: This is a great stroller to use day in day out. It easily fitted in my boot so was always to hand when I needed it. It folds, as you would expect for an umbrella stroller - it's quick and easy and I never encountered any problems with the fold or unfold at all! It is of average size I think for this type of stroller and fitted easily in the boot of my car and could be stored easily at home too.

OUT AND ABOUT: I thought that the My Babiie stroller handled very well for a stroller and exceeded my expectations due to the price point. It was very stable, well built and well balanced. I used it in the town and at the park. It handled very well on pavements and tarmac. The stroller was easy to get up and down the kerb and I had no problems. On grass it wasn't too bad at all (no all terrain but this is not what it is designed for) and the only time we had an issue was on a stoney drive...but this is to be as expected of course.

FEATURES: I loved that this stroller was well made and had good quality fabrics on it. The peep hole on the hood was an added bonus, something which most strollers at this end of the market are missing. I loved the pocket on the back of the hood fabric - it was a perfect size for my mobile phone and a little snack for my daughter. The bonus of a cup holder was a real deal-breaker for me as you often only see these on full size travel systems.

My only gripe was that the wheels looked very used after a relatively short period of time.

GOOD TO KNOW: The fabrics on the design I was sent were quite light so did show the dirt a little, especially from getting it in and out of the car. However, with the help of a babywipe, they did come up clean again which I was pleased about of course. The My Babiie comes with a more than adequate raincover and although we only used it a couple of times, it goes on easily if you are caught out in a down pour.

The My Babiie stroller offers excellent value for money - as I mentioned earlier I was very surprised at the quality we got for the price tag!

CONCLUSION: The My Babiie stroller is FANTASTIC value for money - a great little stroller for anyone looking for a great all-round product for town or city use. I would recommend this to people as a stroller after they get rid of their bulky travel system. If you spend a lot of time on rough ground then maybe it's not for you, but if you are looking for a stroller for using in town and one which won't break the bank but looks a bit different, then you really should consider this one.



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