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Out 'n' About Little Nipper Review - Pia Stephens

At a glance

"Easy to assemble. Manouvreability. Raincover is easy to put on and stays on. Bumper bar is made of fabric and not foam. Fair sized shopping basket. Excellent brake. "
  • Our Score
"Handle bar is a bit flimsy. Front wheel when collapsing(needs to be in an exact right position for the pushchair to lock)"
  • Our Score
    £ 239.95

Very well packed and easy to assemble, looked very comfortable due to the extra padding that came with the little nipper. Pleasantly surprised to notice that the bumper bar was not foam but in fact padded fabric that you can remove by opening a zipper which makes cleaning it so much easier. The shopping basket is not the biggest but we've had smaller ones. The suspension looked sturdy and giving making us think this pushchair would be brilliant while doing a bit of off-roading, overall opening the package and putting it together was positive.

Our little one couldn't wait to give it a go! When we received the package she was just under 11 months but as soon as we got it together she climbed into it on her own, did a little jiggle on it, sat down and smiled. We've done numerous walks with the pushchair and not a single journey goes by without her falling asleep and due to the recline going almost flat it seems like a very comfortable pushchair.

The opening and collapsing of the pushchair is very easy, it's not the lightest at 8kg but for an actual pushchair rather than a stroller that's not a bad weight. The swivel wheel in the front works brilliantly and at least so far we've had no problems with it, getting up and down curbs is easy. Handle height can be changed between 80 and 106cm but we kept it at 106 as we're both 5'11" and we found it to be at a good height.

We live at the outskirts of a big town and the traffic can be horrendous so we always walk into town. During the testing period we did at least 2 trips into town per week and in addition due to not having a working car at the moment we also did our weekly shopping trips to Tesco with the pushchair and I have to admit the pushchair cope with extra weight really well! We also have 2 older children and the fact that the little nipper comes with a wrist strap is brilliant, our almost 3 year old was safely walking next to the pushchair holding on.

There are two bars on the Little Nipper, one I love and one I don't like too much, the fabric cover on the bumper bar is brilliant. I can't understand why so many pushchair manufacturers still choose to use foam when the bar is right in front of the child. Especially considering most like to hold it, scratch it or even bite it. The handle bar has a lot of movement making it feel quite flimsy, not only in the joint part where you can choose the handle height but also where the bar joins with the pushchair, you can move it up and down quite a bit even when it's locked into position.

The raincover was a nice surprise, no trying to figure out which way it goes on, very easy to install and it actually stays on. The hood is huge and gives brilliant coverage. The wheels are very easy to manoeuvre. However, the front swivel wheel has to be in exact right position for the pushchair to lock when collapsing it.

The Out 'n About Little Nipper single does everything it says on the box, for the RRP of £239.95 we think it's a brilliant pushchair and offers great value for money. We've had 10 pushchairs and this ranks rather high on our list when it comes to the child being comfortable in the pushchair. We love how easy it is when shopping as it's not wide and therefore you can visit shops that have narrow aisles. And last but not least; the brake is brilliant, truly one that you can lock and unlock while wearing flip flops!


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  • PAULINE51 12:0714/07/2015
    LOVE IT seems to have everthing thanks for the chance