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Raleigh Atom Bike Review

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"Super stylish colours and design, gorgeous chassis - so shiny, very comfortable and clever safety guard"
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"Bell not included - that's it!"
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    £ 145.00

With over 100 years experience Raleigh are well-known for producing bikes that are durable, solid and built for day-in-day-out use. They make ladies bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes but they also makes bikes suitable for real youngsters. The Raleigh Atom is suitable from 3 years old making it the perfect first bike for children wanting to tackle their first cycling adventure. Although their adult bikes are faultness we wanted to find out whether their first bike option was just as good. Here is Amy's Raleigh Atom Bike review. Did it live up to the expectations of an excited three year old called Rory? Keep reading to find out...

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I was very excited to review the Raleigh Atom bike with my son. My first bike and all of my bikes growing up were Raleigh's, my favourite was the Raleigh Coco - pink and purple, anyone else remember it?! They were brilliant back then and I wanted to see what the quality is like now, a fair few years (decades) on with my little boy.

Raleigh were very good from the get go, they asked my son's height and age to check I was getting the right bike for him. When the bike arrived, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, there wasn't loads to do, just pop the pedals on and and stabilisers if you need them (we do) and off you go.

STYLE: You can choose the colour of the Raleigh Atom, all of which are lovely bright colours. Ours is in red and it's gorgeous! It has a superheroes theme which is perfect for those trying out a big bike for the first time. It has lovely little details through out, like the left and right pedals marked, the cushioned handle bars and the Atom in explosive callouts. 

When Rory first saw the bike his eyes literally lit up. He has had a balance bike and trike and he just wanted to get straight on it! I think the bright colours definitely helped - it just needs a bell and it really could not be better! 

When buying your child's first bike, I think every parent wants to achieve that 'wow' moment. It is a big deal and for me, this Raleigh bike did not disappoint.

USE: I am not sure if it was just me (quite possibly) but I was really nervous and excited the first time Rory went on the bike. He did of course have a helmet on but I was worried he might wobble, fall and lose confidence or just not want to try it. 

I was wrong. As I said before, he couldn't wait to get on it. He was in a nice, comfortable position and seemed to have no trouble at all pedaling. We first tried it out at home on a smoother surface and then we went to a country park which was a more bumpier terrain and the bike was fine on both. Rory seemed to be comfortable at all times and with the stabilisers on, it seemed very secure - he has not fallen off once (yet - still time).

FEATURES: It's great that you can take the stabilisers off so as they grow in confidence you can try them without and see how they get on. 

The tyres seemed good quality and the chassis of the bike had a beautiful finish. It is an aluminium frame which makes it nice and lightweight. 

It steers very well. Very quickly Rory was going round in a circle and weaving in and out of things, not at a great pace but still he felt confident enough to be able to do it. 

The chain is protected by a guard which is very good - it also stops mud flying up!!

GOOD TO KNOW: With the stabilisers on, it can take up a fair amount of the boot but I think that's probably to be expected of any bike. 

The pedals are non slip which is great for whatever the weather. I believe this is something Raleigh has offered for years but I think it's great - I remember the pedals slipping when I was younger and not only was it annoying but it could hurt too!

CONCLUSION: We love this bike! Not only does it look stylish but it has some great safety features on it too and Rory loved riding on it. I think he will have fun with it for years to come! 

If you are thinking about getting a bike for your child, I would definitely say have a look at the Raleigh Atom, I think it has the wow factor that we all want that first bike to have!



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