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Russell Hobbs EASi Microwave Review

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"Flatbed design, Quick and easy to use from the start, Can accommodate large/odd shaped plates"
  • Our Score
"Only 30 second increments available on the timer, would be nice to have a 10 second option"
  • Our Score
    £ 120

Review team for Russell Hobbs Easi Microwave are Mumii VIP Catherine, her husband and their baby daughter.

This Russell Hobbs EASi microwave is beautifully basic and we like that! It is a stunning looking microwave with a mirror finish, a revolutionary flat bed design and extremely easy to use. I needed a PHD in engineering to operate my last one so this is a breath of fresh air and since using this microwave I cannot understand why others are so complicated! It has 4 buttons on the front; Microwave, Defrost, Stop/Cancel and Start. That’s it. You press the “microwave” button to set your time and it goes up in 30 second increments and it’s the same with the defrost button. I would say the only thing I really miss is being able to set the time in 10 second increments. I’ve noticed since only having a 30 second option, how many things I set a time for at 40 seconds or 1 minute 50 seconds. I have to stand by the microwave to stop it at the right time which isn’t a major problem but if they were to take on board some feedback I’d rather have 2 buttons and have the option for 10 seconds and 1 minute.

The display switches off when the microwave is idle, so there isn't a clock function. Fine for me becaues it's one less thing to change when British Summer Time starts and ends, plus we have clocks on other devices.

The flatbed design is the best part of this Russell Hobbs microwave in my opinion. No glass plate you have to remove and wash, you just wipe the inside with a damp cloth and it’s all clean. Aside from the easy cleaning perk, it’s also good because it means you can put larger or odd sized plates in there. My daughter has a cool plate shaped like a house and in my old microwave it would be banging on the sides where it couldn’t rotate on the plate, this meant the food wasn’t heated evenly. With the flatbed design it fits in perfectly and heats evenly.

It’s external dimensions are 304 x 502 x 418 mm (H x W x D) which is smaller than my previous microwave so doesn’t take up as much counter space for me. It’s relatively quiet and if cooking has finished but you haven’t opened the door to remove your food, it beeps to remind you. Which has proved useful when I’ve been cooking our dinner and our daughters and doing a million things at once!

We give this microwave 4 1/2 stars out of 5.