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Tutti Bambini CoZee® Review

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"Great quality, easy up, easy down design, comes with a great mattress, very stylish and sturdy, large mesh viewing window, ability to tilt and adjust height independently at either end of the crib. "
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"Nothing! It's been great!"
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    £ 179.00

Sophie is a mummy to 3 little ones. Jonty (6), Gus (2) and newborn baby girl Tiggy (2 weeks old). For her two boys, Sophie used a standard Moses basket as their first bed but this time around, after reading about the benefits for baby and parent, she wanted to have a go at co-sleeping with baby using a bedside crib. We sent them the Tutti Bambini CoZee® to try out and they have been using it since Tiggy was born. Here is their Tutti Bambini CoZee® review, let's see how they got on with it...

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Tutti Bambini CoZee® arrived when I was 37 weeks pregnant. It came in a fabulous carry bag - it was so compact that at first I wasn't quite sure if there was a crib in there at all! Everything you need comes with the crib, even the gorgeous mattress, which was great for us as we couldn't wait to get it all setup ready for the arrival of our baby!

The crib can be set up in 30 seconds flat (literally!) by just folding out the legs and clicking them into place and popping the storage shelf into place too. We couldn't quite believe just how easy it was! As a heavily pregnant expectant mama accompanied by two eager expectant big brothers, I half expected to struggle with the set-up, but it really was as easy as 1-2-3!

One of the first things I noticed (apart from how good looking the crib was!) was the size. It's lovely and deep and broad too and it will definitely last baby for quite a while, making it great value for money compared to other smaller cribs and Moses baskets that we have seen.

USE: As a piece of parenting equipment the CoZee® crib couldn't have been more simple to use. Popping it up and down was a breeze and there is no building/ tools required which is great news.

When baby Tiggy arrived I couldn't wait to pop her in the crib and she loved it!

The lining of the crib is really soft and is printed with lovely stylish grey dots. Tiggy was so content lying in the crib whilst awake and you could see her trying to focus on the dots. It was so great to be able to put my baby down in a place where she was content and safe whilst I sorted the two older boys out!

The huge mesh viewing window on the side of the CoZee® crib was fabulous for checking on Tiggy and we knew she was always getting the air ventilation that she needed.

Setting up the crib next to the bed was simple too. The mesh side unclips and zips down and the whole crib is secured to our bed so there is no chance of t moving or any gaps appearing between the crib and the bed.

Having never tried co-sleeping with a bedside crib before, I can honestly say that night times were BLISS! I could reach in to settle Tiggy and hold her hand without needing to sit up in bed. I could reach in easily to feed and change her and she was happy too and seemed really settled and reassured when she opened her eyes to see mummy and daddy right next to her.

My midwife who came to check baby's sleep space upon our return home from hospital was very taken by the CoZee®. She loved the size and safety elements of it and also commented on how well it complemented our bedroom decor ( always a bonus!). 

GOOD TO KNOW: Tiggy has begun to show some signs of reflux and is a really sicky baby, especially when laid down. You can adjust the height of the CoZee® crib at both ends. We have found it really useful to adjust it so her head is slightly higher than her feet to help reduce the symptoms of her reflux.

CONCLUSION: Over the past few weeks the CoZee® has been a pleasure to use. I can certainly recommend it to other parents who want to co-sleep with their children safely and also those who wish to purchase a stand alone crib. It works brilliantly in both situations. It's great quality, stylish and very practical - just what every parent needs a nursery product to be! Our baby girl seems so content in the CoZee® and we plan to use it until she has outgrown it. The easy fold and unfold design is just fab, so much so that we plan to take the CoZee® on holiday with us in October. If you're in the market for a bedside crib, I'd definitely recommend to check out the Tutti Bambini CoZee®.

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