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Win a Janina Ultra White Professional Teeth Whitening Hamper!!


Janina's unique and clinically proven low abrasive formulation, which contains active ingredients for good oral hygiene. Janina's formula promote low abrasion whitening without causing harm to the enamel and are excellent for the removal of particularly stubborn surface staining.

This New Year Shine With a Pearly White Smile!

Make sure you have entered and this amazing prize could be winging it's way to you in the New Year! 

Competition entry


  • Adrian Bold


  • Trace21 19:2407/01/2018
    Oh how lovely it would be to have a gleaming smile. Love to win :) x
  • blackbis5 18:2007/01/2018
    would love to try tho
  • dcrabb69 16:5407/01/2018
    I want this some much,
  • snow663 15:2807/01/2018
    I've tried at home before with high street brands, but no success.
  • yvonne 12:5607/01/2018
    I once tried a heap whitening kit with average results
  • KateMJones 11:0007/01/2018
    I've never even used a tooth whitening toothpaste!
  • karenwhitt 10:5007/01/2018
    I've used whitening toothpaste and that's all.
  • rachael1015 10:0307/01/2018
    I’ve only used teeth whitening toothpaste and mouth wash before
  • Piglet 23:2806/01/2018
    I'd be interested to try this, my dentist told me that you can't get the whiteness from home whitening that you get at the dentists.
  • delboy98 12:3506/01/2018
    I had my teeth whitened professionally about 10 years ago, but I'd much rather do it from the comfort of my own home this time round.
  • luckymrs 23:4505/01/2018
    I've tried so many home treatments over the years, it would bbe nice to win one that works!
  • gfd1963 21:2405/01/2018
    Would love to restore a nicely sparkly white smile Thanks for the chance
  • avery64 20:4205/01/2018
    I think both my teeth and smile would benefit from this prize :)
  • jdean77 22:5804/01/2018
    Would be great to have whiter teeth
  • bridie 15:3504/01/2018
    perfect prize x x
  • bluetulip 15:2304/01/2018
    I noticed today that my teeth were stained! The perfect prize for me!
  • bumsymumsy 12:3204/01/2018
    I would love to win this
  • yvonnew 10:2104/01/2018
    Best anti ageing thing is white teeth
  • Rachya 17:3603/01/2018
    Brilliant prize I would love beautiful white teeth xx
  • Shan8893 09:4503/01/2018
    Amazing thank you :)
  • angiemary 17:5101/01/2018
    Love to win this, fingers crossed.
  • dalia 23:1731/12/2017
  • sub65 05:3731/12/2017
    I would loved to win this
  • Sunburyshell 18:3229/12/2017
    A new me for new year
  • annacap 10:5628/12/2017
    I really need this!! I would love it
  • GARYIRVING 23:1627/12/2017
  • flossy1973 20:5727/12/2017
    This would be fantastic thank you!!
  • arlawarlakb 19:4927/12/2017
    Amazing prize just read the reviews and it looks great would love to add till the 5 star reviews
  • mamasam 09:0627/12/2017
    Love these products. Won d,not use anything else
  • MimiJane 05:4127/12/2017
    Fab prize thanks!
  • littlecazd 09:3919/12/2017
    Great prize
  • juliewinward 21:5118/12/2017
    Yes please
  • Suz21350 16:3815/12/2017
    id love this
  • mikieterry 16:1715/12/2017
    Great idea
  • chrism1 10:1809/12/2017