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The BABYZEN YOYO+ was crowned gold winner of the Luxury Stroller category at the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2016. We love it so much that now we have one to give away and our lucky winner will receive a BABYZEN YOYO+ in the colour of their choice.

It’s the perfect urban travel system for parents on the move. With an impressive fold mechanism, lightweight frame and a tiny size when folded, this pocket rocket stroller works wherever life takes you.

The BABYZEN YOYO+ converts from a full travel system for newborns to an everyday stroller suitable for use up to 18kgs.

It’s a favourite among celebrity parents, and here is what a parent thought of the BABYZEN YOYO+ “Anyone that sees the BABYZEN YOYO+ fold will be impressed. It can be done one handed and seems almost like a magic trick as you throw it up in the air. 

“Storage is never a problem, whether you live in one bedroom flat, or have a small car. It can easily stand in your hallway, fit in the smallest of boots or sit next to you on the train.”

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Competition entry


  • jhill1105 20:2330/04/2017
    Wow! Just perfect for my daughter!
  • Welshrach 13:0930/04/2017
    Would be perfect good luck all x
  • mummylisa28 08:5430/04/2017
    Looks amazing
  • hhoque 06:3230/04/2017
    I would love this stroller for my baby
  • danipea 16:3329/04/2017
    Just what I need xxxx
  • legray22 14:2629/04/2017
    The BABYZEN YOYO+ is stylish, compact and user friendly. I need one in my life!
  • hayleyjwynn 12:0429/04/2017
    Amazing stroller, love this for when i go to Disneyland Paris
  • corallaws 06:5329/04/2017
  • Michelleg99 06:3828/04/2017
    Was thinking of using our old buggy for our new baby but if we were to win this it would be amazing
  • Socialbutterfly 02:1428/04/2017
    Fantastic stroller x
  • dora19 12:2027/04/2017
    Fab! would love to win it for my baby !
  • MontysMum22 00:1327/04/2017
    just love this stroller even I could manage to fold that up
  • marrissa 14:1126/04/2017
    Wld love to win this for my baby due in 8 weeks am going tk have to use my 4 year olds old travel system as money is tight but it is not so modern and ia heavy and large
  • BizzleGrabba 13:0926/04/2017
    So excited about this competition
  • mohamedvali85 09:0526/04/2017
    my babyboy or girl would love this
  • Christione 22:2925/04/2017
    Looks amazing!
  • GayleR 19:5625/04/2017
    Omg this would be fantastic for going on holiday in June for my little one ????
  • br1jade19 17:4925/04/2017
    in love folds down so flat :D
  • Marti 11:4325/04/2017
    I would love to win this amazing babyzen yoyo for my twins. We are traveling with three small children a lot and unfortunately I can only afford to buy one at the moment ???? This is a great opportunity! Hopefully we will be lucky enough to win it! ???? Thank you
  • ssnowdens90 19:4024/04/2017
    Oh, to save space with a baby and a toddlet, yes please!!!!
  • mazecastro 17:5124/04/2017
    nice!!! love it, would be fantastic!!!!
    • 1
  • amelia4levi 10:2824/04/2017
    EEEEEEEEEEEK yes please :) im in to win xxxxxxxxx thankyou
  • Scruffy17 09:3120/04/2017
    looks perfect for travelling as so compact! Need a lightweight one as my travel system is far too bulky!! Everything crossed xx
  • SaliMali 09:4119/04/2017
    Have a grandchild due in September, would love to put him her in this!
  • Kitara 13:2615/04/2017
    I am expecting. I would love to win this pram.
  • Ebere 22:5314/04/2017
    I will be delighted if I win it, as I'm expecting baby twins next month.
  • Farri 16:0814/04/2017
    Would love to win
  • oliver1973 09:5014/04/2017
    New granddaughter would love it so would I great prize
  • wiecy 06:5214/04/2017
    Great giveaway, fingers crossed!
  • Shanice92 06:0114/04/2017
    Amazimg give away!! Would love this for my little girl as she was premature and so tiny. Good luck everyone x
  • pinkfiat 00:4314/04/2017
    Superb top quality
  • Gail xx  23:1913/04/2017
    New baby due Sept this year. Exciting X
  • Famee 21:5713/04/2017
    Hope for the best
  • lisanorfolk 21:4113/04/2017
    would love this for my son
  • onxytye 21:3413/04/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • Mazzie2017 17:0012/04/2017
    Amazing pram!
  • newtlyn6 20:2911/04/2017
    wow lovely prize
  • misablue 14:5111/04/2017
    Just what we need, our car is small which limits our options! This would be perfect!
  • Fitchet 11:2811/04/2017
  • amy5578 07:3311/04/2017
    Wow would love this x like the idea it saves up room in the boot x
  • bennoui72 06:4111/04/2017
  • charlR 22:2210/04/2017
    Breath taking
  • dalia 22:0110/04/2017
    I would be so happy to win Babyzen YOYO
  • dalia 22:0110/04/2017
    I would be so happy to win Babyzen YOYO
  • nikkijp83 22:0010/04/2017
    Beautiful giveaway! Please count me in xx
  • Nuttyslack1 21:2810/04/2017
    Would love to win
  • pamhubbard 20:5610/04/2017
    fab prize xx
  • PAULINE51 12:2810/04/2017
  • pamhubbard 10:1710/04/2017
    great prize xx
  • rosey66 23:1909/04/2017
    What a good idea, a compact pushchair, someone has thought about the design of this
  • hartley123 17:5908/04/2017
    Yet another high quality prize someone will be delighted
  • Michele 14:3707/04/2017
    Would really love this pushchair it's small and compact and would fit in my boot really love this x
  • Buberix 13:5907/04/2017
    I literally fall in love when I saw this pushchair in John Lewis- Would be over the moon If I won it :D Love, love, love it!!!
  • staceyltynan 22:2906/04/2017
    Really would want one for my little boy as I have to put my back seats down for his pram now and he's getting to big for me to carry him in the baby sling
  • cutecookies 22:1606/04/2017
    In need of a compact stroller and this would be amazing for my little miss.
  • neila 21:5306/04/2017
    I would love to have it for my babyboy !! So convenient for travelling !! Fingers crossed
  • nansoulini 21:2105/04/2017
    I always wanted a compact folding pushchair. Amazing giveaway
  • girls2go 20:3405/04/2017
    thank you for the chance
  • amy5578 22:0904/04/2017
    Would love this x
  • chloe222 21:2404/04/2017
    Super giveaway, thank you.
  • abbi 16:0904/04/2017
  • beela 23:3103/04/2017
  • UmmeQasim 18:3003/04/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • annedream 18:5101/04/2017
    Wonderful Giveaway And Fantastic Items