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Win a Chicco toy bundle and month's supply of Annabel Karmel meals


Mums and dads if you’ve got a busy toddler who is constantly on the go, we have a prize you are going to love!

Our friends at Chicco have recently become the official highchair partners of Annabel Karmel and we wanted to join in with the celebrations by giving one of our readers a bundle to keep their tot fuelled and ready for action.

Keeping a curious toddler entertained is a mission that needs to be tackled with plenty of fun activities and Chicco offer just that! Their Fit n Fun bundle will help tire them out with Mini Golf, Goal League, Balanskate, Jungle Rugby, Mr Ring and the Jump n Fit Playmat. Have a game of golf or scoot around on the Balanskate, trust us you’ll have plenty of toys to keep them running around all summer long!

When it gets to the end of a long day playing their little tummies will need filling and Annabel Karmel have offered their tasty, nutritious chilled toddler meals.

Packed with plenty of goodness, the Annabel Karmel meals sound delicious...tomato mascarpone pasta with hidden veggies, chicken and sausage paella and a scrummy fish pie are just some of the options!

ONE LUCKY READER will receive a huge bundle of Chicco Fit n Fun toys alongside a month's supply of Annabel Karmel chilled toddler meals. Parents it could be time for a toy and freezer clear out because our winner is going to be kitted out all summer long.

To discover the full Chicco range visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

Competition entry


  • una beckett


  • Holly386 23:1930/08/2017
    OOOH yes please!
  • ama67604 14:1030/08/2017
    fantastic bundle
  • hannah87 11:4130/08/2017
    Holy Moly! This would be fantastic! My sons second birthday is coming up and i know he would be awe with all this! Thank you x
  • hmd104 06:5430/08/2017
    Superb wow
  • hayleyjwynn 20:1129/08/2017
    Fantastic prize
  • cat1992 15:5329/08/2017
    I hope o win this with 2 toddlers!
  • gtracy 07:0327/08/2017
    amazing bundle
  • MummySmith 15:5724/08/2017
    We loved Annabel Karmel during weaning stages so this would be great to win :)
  • mummyandjake 07:5123/08/2017
    looks fun :D XX
  • auntyann 22:4020/08/2017
    Aw so lovely! thanks so much for the chance to win x
  • ckelly2304 21:5617/08/2017
    What a fab prize!
  • Staciie  06:5117/08/2017
    Would love to win xx
  • jeanniev1 07:3215/08/2017
    My two tiny tots would have the time of their lives. A fabulous giveaway thank you.
  • Staciie  09:0814/08/2017
    Would love to win for my little munchkin ???????????? # WIN
  • lwilliam 20:3811/08/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • pollypuh 15:2111/08/2017
    Wow... would be great to win it... finger's crossed
  • Carls679 12:5711/08/2017
    Yay , fingers crossed.
  • Nadine_nra 16:2409/08/2017
    Love this'! Good luck everyone xx
  • Ravens 09:0209/08/2017
    Great prize. We are celebrating 6 months today and the weaning process begins!
  • Kayleigh89 19:1508/08/2017
  • becci2424 18:1008/08/2017
    Amazing x
  • beela 14:3608/08/2017
  • willtunn 14:3508/08/2017
    Brilliant! Love this x
  • abbi 12:0608/08/2017
    Fantastic giveaway
  • pamhubbard 22:3306/08/2017
    amazing prize xx
  • tinatwo1961 20:4806/08/2017
    my grandaughter would love these
  • TLew 13:2006/08/2017
    Perfect for my baby Grandson Jamie ... 8 months old & always on the go... :D
  • Farri 01:2406/08/2017
  • gemzalvn 23:1005/08/2017
    This would be an awesome prize. Food for my 7m old and toys for my 4 year old
  • patsyann2 12:5405/08/2017
    another great prize.
  • UmmeQasim 12:4805/08/2017
    Would love to win
  • carolepauline 21:4703/08/2017
    Yes please love the colours
  • Flozie 21:0503/08/2017
    Lovely stuff
  • dalia 13:5802/08/2017
    A lot of fun