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Win a Cubetto: The friendly coding robot


Primo Toys is on a mission to help children develop and realise how creative they can be and Cubetto is the friendly little robot who will make this happen! Cubetto will teach your child the basics of computer programming, through hands on play. With the added bonus of no screen devices or Wi-Fi needed, so you can use this wooden robot straight out of the box. 

“Learning in early years should be fun! The beauty of Cubetto is that it eliminates the need for a computer screen, ticking the box for hands-on play and making learning much more enjoyable while also developing logical thinking, sequencing and coding skills."

With the belief that learning should be fun and engaging, Cubetto helps curious minds and big imaginations begin to understand coding. The interface board (the control panel), 16 blocks (the commands) and a world map (the adventures and challenges) all work together to encourage children to think logically, as well as understand sequencing and coding skills.

You use the map to set off on a journey. Completing challenge after challenge, navigating Cubetto from A to B by creating programs with the blocks. It's simple to understand for parents and will offer hours of enjoyment and learning for little ones.

We’ve recently had a Cubetto sent to us here at Mumii and we LOVED it so much we have decided to give one of our readers the chance to win their very own Cubetto!

Competition entry


  • nansoulini 21:2405/04/2017
    Super giveaway. Would love to win
  • girls2go 20:3205/04/2017
    Fabulous thank you for the chance
  • jeanniev1 11:1705/04/2017
    My granddaughter who like most youngsters has a brain like a sponge would get so much knowledge from using this Cubetto whilst enjoying the fun too. I would dearly love to win to hand over to her thank you.
  • kelcig69 18:3104/04/2017
    Love this, would be a amazing treat, thank you for the chance x
  • MICHLOU 20:5003/04/2017
    Wow fantastic giveaway!
  • UmmeQasim 18:3303/04/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • Argonowt 13:1003/04/2017
    My youngest and my niece would love this (so would I!)
  • abbi 22:0302/04/2017
  • beela 21:5302/04/2017
    Would love to win
  • hayleyw1 18:4131/03/2017
  • peanutmum 01:2031/03/2017
    a wonderful idea for me to understand as well
  • dalia 22:1330/03/2017
    A lot of fun
  • mury1974 21:4930/03/2017
    like it
  • nat124 10:2818/03/2017
    This would be great to encourage my daughters inquisitive nature.
  • Audnay 00:5518/03/2017
    Think its a good toy, easy to keep clean., I have a great grand daughter and I think she would love it.
  • tkw2014 21:5117/03/2017
    Love this!
  • Gary 11:5414/03/2017
    wow, this would be amazing to win for my son!
  • amelia4levi 15:4113/03/2017
    wow! x
  • dilanddan 11:3710/03/2017
    Fantastic! Thank you for the chance, I have a 4 year old who would love this!