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Win a Little Tikes summer of fun bundle

Little Tikes

It won’t be long until the sun has got his hat on so we’re getting prepared and kitting one lucky reader out with a SUMMER OF FUN bundle from Little Tikes!

When it comes to outdoor toys there’s no-one quite as popular as Little Tikes and we have to agree they are pretty fantastic. Our amazing Little Tikes garden toy bundle is worth over £350 and promises hours and hours of fun through the summer, there’s plenty of playing, gardening, splashing and riding around to be had.

Everyone knows the friendly face of the Cozy Coupe, for years little ones have loved this ride on toy that even has a working horn. It’s definitely a classic that is perfect for little adventures and imaginative play!

The Go Green Playhouse isn’t just an ordinary playhouse, it’s designed to help little ones learn about the environment through imaginative play in the safety of their own back garden. You'll find a solar light, a water reservoir with a real working sink, a recycling centre and a flower garden that our little buddy made sure was filled with flowers.

This one is for any water lovers, it’s the Fountain Factory Water Table. Perfect for sensory play, your children can build with the interchangeable pipes, pump the water and splash around with the water hose in the sunshine. The table has plenty of space for a group of youngsters to play together too!

Little Tikes have hundreds of entertaining toys for youngsters, to check out their full range visit them at!

Competition entry


  • Mickie Bull


  • mrsmac 07:2207/07/2017
    An amazing idea to keep the children busy in the garden!
  • shelley81 18:3703/06/2017
    oh wow what a fab giveaway these would be great for the better weather and the newly done garden <3
  • tedwards 14:4703/06/2017
    wow what a fab prize
  • DebbieK 13:0803/06/2017
    This would be awesome!
  • leefern2012 10:0903/06/2017
    Id love this for our new garden!
  • natty440 07:4403/06/2017
    Fantastic prize good way to get the children outside and having fun
  • valiant 23:0002/06/2017
    Super giveaway so lovely for my grandchildren .Fingers crossed
  • linheiner 21:3502/06/2017
    My little granddaughter and friends would have so much fun with this Summer bundle!
  • hayleyw1 20:0902/06/2017
    fantastic great for the kiddies
  • beaudids 19:4002/06/2017
    Super giveaway
  • zabml76 18:4202/06/2017
    Amazing giveaway! My little ones would love this :)
  • Benjiebev 08:3802/06/2017
    My Grandchildren would love this prize ????
  • carolyn58 20:0801/06/2017
    Such wonderful prizes! Oliver has his 1st birthday coming up, so this would be fabulous! xx
  • carolyn58 20:0801/06/2017
    Such wonderful prizes! Oliver has his 1st birthday coming up, so this would be fabulous! xx
  • Wimpet 17:3201/06/2017
    great toys for encouraging imaginative play
  • dawniepie2000k 00:1101/06/2017
    Make the most of summer with these prizes!
  • tabbaz 19:4431/05/2017
    Wonderful - my Grandson would love this
  • hayleyjwynn 19:1731/05/2017
    Love this prize for my baby girl and little boy
  • Farri 01:5831/05/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • sta03001 12:1230/05/2017
    good luck everyone x
  • z3pdh 16:1029/05/2017
    Th water activity looks good fun
  • fivekidsonemum 01:0129/05/2017
    My 5 kids would love this ! Especially the water table they are forever messing in the bathroom with cups ! I'd not hear "mum,mum,mum" for hours = Bliss haha
  • Rachel2501 21:4427/05/2017
    My 3 year old asks for the fountain factory every time it comes on tv. A great package to entertain 2 boys over the holidays and beyond.
  • daisybeebee 18:1027/05/2017
    Awesome giveaway, many thanks, the twins and friends would have a ball.
  • lippipop 13:2727/05/2017
    This would be amazing! We are just moving into a new house with a back garden for the first time and my 2 & 3 year old daughters would love this!
  • Wen04709 11:5427/05/2017
    My 2 small grandsons would love this. Jake will be 2 in June. His older Brother Alfie is 4. Does not talk, Has global development delay, Hypermobility and a few other problems but he is a miss understood little lad. Going in for an ear op on 14th June to see if he can hear. So this would be lovely surprise for the boys
  • shajugoo 11:1327/05/2017
    My 7 granddaughters love to be outdoors and these great toys would be ideal for the little ones. x
  • samgratt 08:0127/05/2017
    This would be amazing for my two little ones to share the summer fun!
  • Reb93009 06:1127/05/2017
    My 3 children would absolutely love these!! Thankyou Mumii for your giveaways!
  • kayleighmummyof3 22:0726/05/2017
    My children would absolutely love these fingers crossed and thank you very much for the chance xx
  • christinew 17:3826/05/2017
    would love this as grandchildren love playing in our garden when they stay every week
  • farwah 15:3326/05/2017
    Would LOVE to win this for my toddler x
  • maggiemoo1 09:0126/05/2017
    Would be fantastic for my 4 yr old niece and nephew xx
  • judypark 08:3726/05/2017
    These would be brilliant for my grandchildren
  • Jogove 08:1326/05/2017
    Wow nice prize, I have my grandson for 2 weeks in August this would help me ????????
  • ktmd 07:0226/05/2017
    Lovely x
  • crazymum777 04:5626/05/2017
    Amazing prize! This will keep the grandchildren happy all summer long xx
  • lulu 00:1626/05/2017
    Great prizes ????????
  • gemzalvn 00:0426/05/2017
    This would be perfect for my little girl. Would also love to review these toys on my YT channel
  • PAULACHEADLE 23:2525/05/2017
    fantastic prize, my little ones would be over joyed if I won this giveaway
  • juliaorm 23:1425/05/2017
    my 3 little tikes ,my grandchildren, will love these xx
  • keren1968 23:1125/05/2017
  • mrssw 22:2725/05/2017
    Yes please
  • dollychic 22:2425/05/2017
    My kids would love these
  • 22:2225/05/2017
    My three year old has a garden for the first time this year and would adore these to play with, he's so excited about being able to play outside xx
  • Sarahwoo 22:0225/05/2017
    My kids would love these! X
  • Wildhorse 21:4525/05/2017
    Would love to be able to give my little girl something to play with in the garden
  • mynetty 21:2625/05/2017
    With lots of grandchildren this would be perfect.
  • don77 21:1925/05/2017
    Amazing giveaway, my kids would love to have these in the garden x
  • kathrob 20:5425/05/2017
    Great for Summer
  • z3pdh 20:5225/05/2017
    This is brilliant, I would the coolest grannydab with this in my garden, I would have little visitors all the time
  • susib81 19:2425/05/2017
    Great prizes. Good luck everyone.
  • Charlih222308 13:1723/05/2017
    What an amazing opportunity x
  • choochoo82 05:2922/05/2017
    wonderful prize for any youngster to receive!!
  • Kitara 17:1720/05/2017
    What a fantastic prize for my baby.
  • deeneese 21:0718/05/2017
    My wee girl would live this especially as her birthday is soon
  • allybruce 17:5818/05/2017
    A great prize - fingers crossed x
  • Chrissie85 10:4816/05/2017
    My 19 month old son loves playing in the garden. This would be so amazing!
  • sarah14 21:0314/05/2017
    Amazing prize
  • Bethanie13 20:2614/05/2017
    Fab prize!
  • aliburns 13:3212/05/2017
    Ekks this would be a dream for my son! all done good luck all
  • Ottothedog 18:0411/05/2017
    Would love to win for my nephew
  • tabbaz 15:4911/05/2017
    This would be super!
  • abbi 14:4811/05/2017
  • dalia 14:3611/05/2017
    It would lovely for our children
  • UmmeQasim 00:4711/05/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • auntyann 23:5310/05/2017
    I am working so hard trying to make a nice little garden area for my grandsons to play out in the Summer, lots of hard work as I am on my own but this would be the icing on the cake. I would be so thrilled to win your gorgeous prize! thank you so much for a lovely competition & good luck to everyone x
  • rachael1015 22:3210/05/2017
    I think I'd cry if I won these ! Keep scrolling the for sale pages and sites trying to find some toys for my toddler . Wish I could afford to buy them as if of got them months ago ! Perfect prize package absolute dream of mine to make my garden as fun as possible . When I had my older children (19/15/11) I was living in a flat and didn't have a garden . Especially as he is my first boy too !! Thankyou hugely for this opportunity ????????????????
  • JLS 20:3410/05/2017
    I have 2 grandchildren on the way and 6 grandchildren already aged from 11 months up to 7 , this would be amazing for them when they visit , my little munchkins xx Good Luck everyone ????????
  • Barbannie 20:2610/05/2017
    My grandsons would have an incredible time playing on these
  • libradragon2 17:0109/05/2017
    would be amazing
  • carolynhey 21:0607/05/2017
    Fingers crossed for this fab prize !!!
  • Amy69265 20:0507/05/2017
    Wow! What an incredible prize! Hoping for my little ones x
  • simone1 16:5507/05/2017
  • jocurtis 13:0107/05/2017
    What a brilliant prize. The winner will have a wonderful summer!
  • nikkijp83 12:1007/05/2017
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway x
  • nansoulini 09:3207/05/2017
    My little toddler would love that.x
  • hollyking1983 07:5507/05/2017
    What an amazing prize thank you x
  • juliewinward 19:0506/05/2017
    great competition
  • amy5578 18:0106/05/2017
    Wow would love these x
  • chickendinner 15:1606/05/2017
    Hours of fun in the garden this summer
  • Rac78976 12:1406/05/2017
    We love Little Tikes, great prizes
  • Waterlily76 07:3906/05/2017
    Such lovely prizes xxx
  • Angelwhisper 22:3805/05/2017
    Fingers crossed!
  • madge33 20:2705/05/2017
  • amelia4levi 16:1005/05/2017
    wow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • natthem 14:4605/05/2017
    Fantastic selection
  • LauraMMM 14:4405/05/2017
    My son would love to win a fab toy for our garden, especially now the sun is finally coming out
  • Rumple 14:2705/05/2017
    I Wish.......
  • tkw2014 12:5005/05/2017
    Fab prize!
  • cherylj169 12:4905/05/2017
    Fabulous prize! Perfect for my little ones to enjoy this summer! Thank you
  • katedal123 10:1205/05/2017
    Would be great now my girls finally have a garden!
  • hartley123 08:2005/05/2017
  • lfc4eva 07:2205/05/2017
    this is great for the warmer months
  • lindseymorris 07:1105/05/2017
    Just in time for the summertime
  • BabyBakewell 02:4205/05/2017
    Looks fab, though I've no idea where it would all go! ????
  • macejka007 00:2805/05/2017
    Oh fingers crossed,my boy loves cars and would love one he can actually drive :)
  • foxymama1983 00:0705/05/2017
    My youngest daughter would love this.Fingers croosed
  • 23:2904/05/2017
    This is an amazing bundle
  • Socialbutterfly 22:3204/05/2017
    Fantastic prize giveaway x
  • dalia 22:1504/05/2017
    This would be great for children. Hours of fun.
  • Loopy_lou_13 22:1304/05/2017
    This would complete my garden my little girl would love it fingers crossed
  • smithyej2010 20:2604/05/2017
    I would be over the moon to win this for my daughter
  • nateben 19:4304/05/2017
    Would LOVE to win this prize for my popular would I be to gift her this amazing prize?!!
  • fragsjones 19:4304/05/2017
    This would be an amazing addition to our garden for our kids and their friends
  • Lucy171 19:0904/05/2017
    Lovely prizes would be perfect for my two little girls for the summer.
  • jesswoods92 18:5004/05/2017
    That would be my little one sorted for the summer lots of fun! X
  • Spagetti8 18:4504/05/2017
    Brilliant summer fun prize!!
  • bernadettie 18:0104/05/2017
    Not sure if it is myself or my grandkids which love little tikes x
  • Conniewonnie 18:0004/05/2017
    Perfect for fun family garden times
  • ranorman45 17:4904/05/2017
    We could have great fun with these love the mini garden
  • RazanSeema 17:4404/05/2017
    Fingers crossed xxxx
  • JFLO 17:4304/05/2017
    Fabulous ????
  • judypark 17:3204/05/2017
    Brilliant for summer fun.
  • cafg81 17:0704/05/2017
    YES please I'd love this
  • willtunn 17:0604/05/2017
    Lovely prizes x