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Win a Personalised Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair


To celebrate the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair winning gold in the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2016, we’ve got one of these fantastic, multi-use seats to give away.

One lucky winner will be able to choose from the many colours on offer – and will even be able to customise it by having their child’s name engraved on the back.

Thanks to the Tripp Trapp Chair, your little one can sit right up at the table, closer to the family, in a comfortable, cushioned and adjustable seat. Not only that, but this sleek chair by designer Peter Opsvik is Scandinavian in style and will make the perfect addition to your home.

Reviewing the Stokke Tripp Trapp in the highchair category for the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards in 2016, Liz from Essex said:

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Competition entry


  • valiant 20:0031/03/2017
    Love it thanks chance
  • Susangilley 08:4431/03/2017
    Such a versatile piece of furniture.
  • peanutmum 01:2231/03/2017
    perfect and will stretch the age suitability
  • girls2go 16:0930/03/2017
    Love it
  • Wimpet 15:4330/03/2017
    We have twins in the way so they will have to take turns!
  • hayleyw1 09:1430/03/2017
    perfect for my princess
  • hayleyjwynn 00:0630/03/2017
    Love this for my baby girl
  • juliewinward 22:1428/03/2017
    Ideal for my grandson
  • leahl 19:2027/03/2017
    My little boy is already interested in food and loves sitting on our lap at the table, would love to see him in his very own Tripp trapp!!
  • lyndseyjane 20:4024/03/2017
    Perfect for our little boy
  • Felicity 13:4421/03/2017
    This would be perfect for our weaning journey ????
  • mummyof5cuties 02:0920/03/2017
    I love how it will blend in with your home and look more like furniture than another baby essential to go with the ten thousand you already have !
  • Audnay 00:5918/03/2017
    Don't you just need a chair with a sheet on the floor for toddlers, othrwise before you know it the plates on the floor missed a bit do that went on the floor, mixed with juice,and her face was covered in butter.
  • GemmaWright 13:4416/03/2017
    Have had stokke for my older daughters and would love to be able to have another for my new little princess as I no longer have my old ones. Love the colours now available ????????
  • GemmaWright 13:4416/03/2017
    Have had stokke for my older daughters and would love to be able to have another for my new little princess as I no longer have my old ones. Love the colours now available ????????
  • dilanddan 11:3510/03/2017
    Wow these look fantastic! Perfect for any little one, and such a lovely keep- sake to pass on to future generations. Thank you for the chance x
  • pashbi 17:1509/03/2017
    Perfect for my little princess granddaughter Chloe....
    • 1
  • Bekkimills24 07:3707/03/2017
    My little boy would love this. It would be good to have something personalised before our baby comes x
  • Fifi82 06:0207/03/2017
    Would be ideal for my little man! We have started weaning him earlier than planned due to health issues. Love these but not a lover of the price tag lol!
  • shajugoo 20:3106/03/2017
    Would be perfect for any young child.
  • TLew 12:0006/03/2017
    Would be perfect for my 3 month old Grandson, Jamie.
  • 4timeslucky 23:5605/03/2017
    Would love this for my first grandchild due in August
  • garytopley1 22:1205/03/2017
    Great Prize x
  • Dormouse1940 15:0005/03/2017
    Oh we've always wanted this but couldnt justify the cost!
  • jennakeller126 14:0705/03/2017
    Looks fantastic!
  • hartley123 13:5205/03/2017
  • abbi 01:3505/03/2017
    Fantastic giveaway
  • beela 01:0505/03/2017
    Absolutely superb prize
  • UmmeQasim 00:2405/03/2017
    Would love to win
  • dalia 19:3604/03/2017
    Superb, just what we need
  • Wimpet 15:3304/03/2017
    Double trouble, expecting twins in August, expect this may be very useful!
  • fifi247 11:2504/03/2017
    cool prize!
  • amy5578 10:2904/03/2017
    Would love one x
  • harlina 04:4104/03/2017
    Lovely prize
  • lynndyb 21:1303/03/2017
    Perfect for my granddaughter xx
  • sjh51209 11:4003/03/2017
    Would be fab my my little one