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Win an AmaWrap baby sling



The AmaWrap baby sling is as simple as it is beautiful. Made from 100% cotton in a variety of colours to suit your every mood, the wrap can be tied in the morning or well before you need it as the swathe of fabric is barely felt, and baby can be popped in and out all day if needed to!

Great to wear in the house if you need to get stuff done or just to have some skin-to-skin time, and if you’re out and about its also so easy to breastfeed in too! Your baby feels comforted with the closeness and hearing your heartbeat, which reminds him of when he was safe and warm in your tummy.

The ergonomic design ensures that baby is in the perfect position for his developing spine and hips at all times, and the wider panel of support on your neck, shoulders and back mean that you will hardly feel the weight of the baby on you.

It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual showing the different positions you can pop baby in, and adds details on research and benefits of kangaroo care and safety considerations.

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Get closer with your  little one  and enter to win this fantastic AmaWrap!

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  • Jake Casey


  • hayleyjwynn 19:5930/12/2017
    Lovely prize
  • pattiesplum 18:0730/12/2017
    Lovely prize
  • Sunburyshell 18:3129/12/2017
    Super design
  • WoolGriff 09:1320/12/2017
    Would be great to win for my new baby
  • Nollie180 22:5918/12/2017
    fingers crossed!
  • juliewinward 21:5218/12/2017
    Great prize
  • Reb93009 04:5016/12/2017
    Looks amazing!!!
  • Amandajay28 21:5414/12/2017
    Fab prize
  • bestbuddy77 07:0211/12/2017
    They look brilliant
  • soo1 13:1310/12/2017
  • Farri 13:1209/12/2017
  • abbi 12:5409/12/2017
  • Rachel00 18:5305/12/2017
    Hopefully be able to use with my grandson to do the 3 peaks in Yorkshire!
  • chrism1 09:5605/12/2017
  • chrism1 10:2002/12/2017
    wow hope I am lucky