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Win this terrific BMW M4 Motorsport Ride On worth £235.00


Give your little ones a chance to get behind the wheel with this fun ride-on electric M4 car from BMW. Powered by rechargeable batteries, this toy provides real driving thrills with engine sounds and a working horn, just like on the racetrack. Equipped with blue and red racing stripes, this car is the perfect gift for little ones aged between three and five years.

One lucky winner will take home the BMW Motorsport M4 Ride On just in time for Christmas - with speeds capable of up to 4km/h they may well give Santa’s sleigh a run for its money!

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Competition entry


  • kayleigh robinson


  • reedyhels 15:0620/12/2017
  • Jenniipenny 23:4919/12/2017
    My girls would be over the moon x x x
  • PAULACHEADLE 21:5419/12/2017
    would love this for my grandchildren, they would adore it
  • hayleyjwynn 20:1119/12/2017
    Love this for my daughter and son
  • Becky39 19:5819/12/2017
    This car is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the incredible chance to win. Fingers definitely crossed
  • Becky39 19:5319/12/2017
    This is absolutely awesome. Thank you for the amazing chance to win. Fingers crossed xxx ????????????????????????
  • sheilad44 18:5719/12/2017
    Oh... I'd like that car for myself!
  • maggieriordan 17:2919/12/2017
    My grandson would be thrilled with this
  • Sezzy 17:1219/12/2017
    Wow amazing competition ???? my son would be over the moon to win this ????????
  • nicolalou 15:1719/12/2017
    My little boy would love to find this under the Christmas tree. Thank you for the chance ????
  • winitfamily 14:5619/12/2017
    Wow yes please to this car-tastic prize for My Nephew xx
  • lynndyb 13:4119/12/2017
    Fingers crossed for my grandson xx
  • Melp75 13:1619/12/2017
    Wow amazing love to win this for my boy
  • toptec 09:3919/12/2017
    i love it
  • morz1975 02:2319/12/2017
    Absolutely fantastic, is there a weight limit ? I'd love to have a go. lol
  • Jilly1967 23:1018/12/2017
    A wow prize for a little one
  • juliewinward 21:5018/12/2017
    Wow great prize
  • ashlena 21:1318/12/2017
    Wow my little boy would just boy would love it! His birthday is just after Christmas also xx
  • LonaJones 19:1818/12/2017
    What a great prize for one lucky little child
  • nattiecw 05:1418/12/2017
    I had a BMW but it got written off I need a 5 car pile up on the motorway 4 months ago ??
    • nattiecw 05:1618/12/2017
      That was meant to say I had a BMW but it got written off in a 5 car pile up on the motorway 4 months ago. Hate predictive text!
  • marspaul 21:5617/12/2017
  • maggs 09:2717/12/2017
    I love my Honda Jazz
  • josijo 19:0616/12/2017
    I have a ford But I do like BMW s. Maybe one a little bigger than that SuperCar above
  • judy2357 17:2812/12/2017
    Ive always thought it was the children of celebrities that would own a gorgeous toy car like this but thankfully there is an opportunity for my little grandson to own one too. Thank you.
  • Silverfox57 13:2812/12/2017
    My grandson would absolutely go mad over this.
  • pammy8 20:5911/12/2017
    Would absolutly love this it would make my xmas for my granchildren
  • Farri 13:1309/12/2017
  • GeePughxo 12:5709/12/2017
    Would love to win this for my Godson please, he's just turnt 1 & he loves cars!
  • valjoy 20:3805/12/2017
    would love this for my grandson
  • Pixiepie 09:5903/12/2017
    Awesome Thomas would go crazy for this!!!
  • PurpleFruit 01:5901/12/2017
    My boy would love this, he's mad for BMW's :P
  • RuthMaguire 21:4928/11/2017
    My little one would have a field day with this car!
  • jube123 16:5228/11/2017
    This would be perfect for my great nephew he would really love it thanks for the chance xx
  • Monica79 11:3728/11/2017
    Would love to win this for my little boy who is car and moterbike mad
  • caz121 12:2427/11/2017
    This would be amazing to win for my daughter Sapphire she would love it xx
  • olibill 01:5727/11/2017
    My little boy would love opening this Xmas day
  • UmmeQasim 10:5926/11/2017
  • angeleyes90 21:0925/11/2017
    our son would be the first person in our house to own a BMW in our house lol
  • cazzg1 20:1925/11/2017
    its better than our car! lol
  • Amandajay28 00:4925/11/2017
    I would love to win this for my little nephew,it's an amazing prize!
  • Tej76678 20:1124/11/2017
    nice one
  • buckie 14:0124/11/2017
    My grandchildren would really enjoy this. Great prize.
  • courtneyk92 03:4624/11/2017
    wow perfect for my boy x
  • 23:4323/11/2017
    My kids would love this
  • Katy12321 23:3023/11/2017
    Great prize
  • dietcola 19:0923/11/2017
    wow, fingers crossed x
  • shane87654 16:0823/11/2017
    Good luck.
  • Wen04709 11:1223/11/2017
    My 2 young grandsons would love this
  • bobemmo29 11:0323/11/2017
    WOW top prize - thank you
  • amelia4levi 08:4123/11/2017
    All crossed
  • lorraine1958 08:3423/11/2017
    great prize
  • abbi 21:1122/11/2017
    Done l
  • Mamachewy  20:4522/11/2017
    B-brilliant M-must W-win!
  • tina 19:0822/11/2017
    Wonderful prize Thank you for the opportunity
  • walshy 15:5522/11/2017
    Would love this for Great Gran Daughter Olivia.Such a generous prize
  • bevmcomp 15:5122/11/2017
    Oh my goodness, this would be so amazing to win, i can just imagine the look on my grandsons face...Priceless! Thank you ever so much
  • lwilliam 13:5622/11/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • MisyyJoJo 13:4722/11/2017
    This is just awesome!
  • unabeckett 13:0822/11/2017
    My little dude would like a rockstar in This bad boy
  • chrism1 10:1522/11/2017
    wow hope I am lucky my son would love this for chrismas
  • amelia4levi 09:4622/11/2017
    All is crossed... every lil ones dream this is!
  • pamelagriffiths74 09:4422/11/2017
    This would be just perfect for Cole.
  • tammyt 09:1322/11/2017
    I would love to win this for my neice, as she had a baby this year and this would be an amazing prize. She's an amazing mum x
  • chuichi 09:0722/11/2017
    Thanks for this amazing competition!
  • ctpulley 08:4122/11/2017
    What a (Christmas) cracker of a prize.
  • vivianallman 07:2622/11/2017
    wow this would be awesome
  • sarue 01:4322/11/2017
    Fantastic prize. My kids would love this.
  • walnut65 00:3322/11/2017
    looks better than mine sensational prize giveaway
  • Flora1 23:2821/11/2017
    I'd love this for our little Elijah!
  • paulinegoligher 23:0021/11/2017
    Wow fabulous give away thank you for the chance to win ????
  • chloe222 22:5121/11/2017
    My little grandson would be over the moon with this!
  • CrysEdy 22:3621/11/2017
    I'd love this prize for my son????
  • nannyt 21:1821/11/2017
    Great prize - fingers crossed.
  • scarybabe00 21:1821/11/2017
    love to win this for my daughter
  • grlinda 21:0221/11/2017
    Brilliant prize for someones little one this Christmas
  • janebee09 20:5521/11/2017
    Brilliant prize, good luck everyone
  • beckyboo1988 20:4521/11/2017
    Amazing prize! Fingers crossed
  • ladyp28 20:0221/11/2017
    Fabulous giveaway every childs dream thank you.
  • dalia 12:5520/11/2017
    Fantastic car